RAGINI MMS RETURNS trailer: packed with sex & cheap thrills

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After creating enough hype around sex horror upcoming web series RAGINI MMS RETURNS with different promotional material from teasers to posters, now the first trailer is out. Well, going by the trailer of the web series it’s not even an iota of what its film franchise was.

With mediocre performances, passé & done-to-death thrills, so-called scary prosthetic faces, unaesthetic titillating scenes, EKta Kapoor’s web series RAGINI MMS RETURNS is rather a degrading & cheap version of the film franchise. It’s a mockery of what sex horror actually is.

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While we give our thumbs down to this run-of-the-mill, unexciting , undignified RAGINI MMS RETURNS trailer, you watch the video here and let us know your opinions:

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