How Raj Arjun was ‘destined’ to play Sai Baba in ‘Sabka Sai’

Actor Raj Arjun, who plays the role of Sai Baba in the latest web series 'Sabka Sai', feels he was destined to play the role.

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Actor Raj Arjun, who plays the role of Sai Baba in the latest web series ‘Sabka Sai’, feels he was destined to play the role. Talking about the same, Raj Arjun said: “For several years, my phone’s WhatsApp status has been ‘sabr’ (patience) and Sai preached ‘shraddha aur sabr’ (respect and patience). So, I feel, somewhere he has chosen me for this. It was destined.”

The actor also revealed that playing Sai Baba has been a refreshing change for him.

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“Till now, I have been known mostly for playing negative roles. That way, playing the role of Sai Baba has been a refreshing change for me. This show helped me reveal the other side of me as an actor. I am fortunate and honoured to have got this role which took me through an emotional journey,” he shared.

“My experiences of playing the role of Sai has been soulful. I was totally into the character and everything has come out as so authentic,” the actor added.

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Throwing light on how Sai Baba’s life has been depicted in the show, Raj shared: “In the 10-episode series, we have tried to show Sai as a human and not as God. Till now, Sai Baba has been depicted as God, as someone having supernatural powers who can even bring the dead alive. We have emphasised on his human emotions.”

“Sai Baba was way beyond emotions like jealousy, greed etc. A spiritual person, a saint who was born for the wellbeing of mankind, who dedicated his life to the service of people and tried to preach a message of peace and harmony,” he further informed.

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Is it an additional pressure playing an important historical and spiritual character like this?

“An actor, who thinks about his craft, who is worried about his performance, has to be responsible because there are millions of people who will watch him and he has to justify that. But I’ve chosen to take this responsibility and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it. I am confident to take it on my shoulders,” the actor replied.

Quizzed if a show like this can appeal to the OTT viewing audience, Raj expressed: “I feel if these kinds of shows are nicely made and reach people properly, then it can have a very positive impact on people. Also, today’s youth mostly do not have the time to sit and research by reading about something especially pertaining to our history. But if the same content is presented in the form of a web series, then they retain a little bit of that in their mind even subconsciously.”

Directed by Ajit Bhairavkar, the web series ‘Sabka Sai’ has released on MX Player.

–By Ahana Bhattacharya

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