Richa Chadha met cops for ‘Candy’

Richa Chadha met female police officers for her series 'Candy' to understand the balancing act of being a homemaker & working in law enforcement

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Richa Chadha will be seen next in Voot Select’s original web series ‘Candy’, where she will be donning the avatar of a cop for the first time. The film will also have Ronit Roy in a lead role and is helmed by Ashish R Shukla.

Richa wanted to understand the balancing act of these women who are expected to be homemakers and also be working in law enforcement

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Richa is known for portraying ballsy roles on screen and she always makes her presence felt through strong and crucial characters. The series has a mix of suspense and mystery where Richa will be seen investigating sinister murders in a school in a small hilly town.

Richa believes that it is essential for any actor to expand their horizons by stepping out of their comfort zone and doing a role that is complicated and is not simply black and white. She finds preparing for a role tougher than acting for it.

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“Portraying the role of a cop was not easy”, says Richa, “it demanded a very different mental make up. I was lucky enough to hang out with some female cops and understand the dual pressures of managing the needs of the family in the Indian social set up, and working as a law enforcer.”

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