‘Bal-Vaachikam’ on OHO Gujarati with ‘Sambhlo Chho’ Season 3

Witness talented, young children narrate heartwarming stories with 'Sambhlo Chho' Season 3, written by Yashwant Mehta on OHO Gujarati

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OHO Gujarati is taking the art of ‘Bal-Vaachikam’ (story narration by children) to new heights with the release of ‘Sambhlo Chho’ Season 3, an OHO Original. This season brings forth the heartwarming stories by renowned Gujarati writer, Yashwant Mehta.

Sambhlo Chho Season 3 is also directed by Gaurang Kabira. Featuring child actors, Hiranya Zinzuwadia, Mantra Pandya, Nishma Soni, Het Shah, Jaanushi Umang Oza, and Riaan Muliya, this season of Sambhlo Chho celebrates the literary work of the great writer, Yashwant Mehta, played by Nisarg Trivedi.

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Though born in a farmer’s family, whose childhood was spent in difficulties, destiny had different plans for Yashwant Mehta. His first story was published in 1956 and since then there has been no turning back. With a career spanning over 6 decades, Yashwant Mehta worked in the field of education, literature, and journalism and has also authored over 500 books. He contributed to stories for children through his editorial pieces over the course of his career.

Sambhlo Chho Season 3 is produced by Tatsat Munshi, Nayan Jain, Abhishek Jain, Amit Desai and Suryadeep Basiya.

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The series’ name which means – are you listening will feature 5 brilliant stories titled Ek Bando Undar, Gadhedo Gambhirdash, Jaga Bhaga Na Bor, Kaluji Kagdo Nishale Chalyo and Mitha Ladu Na Mota Sapna. While they are primarily children stories featuring animals as the main characters, but each story leaves the audience with a lesson to take away and imbibe in life.

On the release of Sambhlo Chho Season 3, Abhishek Jain, Co-founder, OHO Gujarati said, “The primary motto of our platform has always been to bring the best of Gujarati content and literature to our audiences across the globe. We feel privileged to bring these wonderful childhood stories written by Yashwant Mehta to life through the art of ‘Bal-Vaachikam’.”

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Abhishek added, “This is our way of expressing our gratitude to the geniuses the Gujarati culture and literary world has offered us to follow and learn about. I urge all our everyone to shower Sambhlo Chho Season 3 with the same amount of love they have showered upon all the shows that have featured since the launch of OHO Gujarati.”

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