‘Mission Frontline’ with Sara Ali Khan’; training with Veerangana Force

Sara Ali Khan, is seen in a unique avatar, donning the commando uniform, stepping into the shoes of a Veerangana and performing vigorous drills.

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discovery+ launches the most anticipated episode of ‘Mission Frontline’ with Sara Ali Khan. The special show gives the audiences a glimpse into the lives of the Veerangana force, an all-women commando unit of India whilst shining light upon their inspiring stories of bravery. Sara Ali Khan, is seen in a unique avatar, donning the commando uniform, stepping into the shoes of a Veerangana and performing vigorous drills.

This special show is a dedication to Veerangana Force and is bound to evoke a deep sense of appreciation for these unsung heroes. To tackle grave issues against the women of the country, the Assam Police launched a commando unit in 2012 called the Veerangana Force. This special platoon was raised to check violence against women on the streets of Assam.

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At the unit, the Veerangana force learns handling weapons in sensitive situations, maintaining control during a domestic riot, and executing hand-to-hand combat. Training with the unit has given these women the strength to move forward and protect other women facing a similar fate.

Select excerpts from the show:

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Sara Ali Khan in action
In the special episode, Sara Ali Khan is seen first-hand experiencing the difficult life of a Veerangana in Assam to see what these female commandos go through as they prepare for duty. Starting with the drill training, the actress is seen learning Krav Maga, an Israeli self-defense form during the practice. Followed by rock climbing, an essential training that prepares soldiers to move through terrains. She is also seen getting familiar with weapons for tactical firing. The last part of the training involves the simulation mission of saving the girls being held hostage in human trafficking racket.

A message for Indian women:
The actress after going through rigorous training with the squad said, “I feel not only commandos, but every single woman should learn these techniques as circumstances don’t knock our doors before coming. I think one should always be fit and ready to tackle these situations”.

Experience shooting with Veerangana Force:
Sara Ali Khan said, “As an actor, I have always believed in reinventing myself and try to take up diverse roles and different kinds of physical activity. Training with this unit is one of toughest challenges I have taken up until now. The kind of vigorous drills they go through daily is truly commendable and watching them do it so effortlessly left me startled. I am not a hero, but I did have the honor and privilege of training with a few because they are indeed the true heroes of our country. I salute the women’s force. Jai Hind!”

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Talking about having Sara train with force, Bhaskar Jyoti Mahanta I.P.S, Director General of Police Assam in the show said, “The Veerangana’s lead a tough life and undergo vigorous drills on a daily basis, it was great to watch Sara Ali Khan stepping into the shoes of a Veerangana warrior by training with the unit and pushing herself to accomplish the strenuous tasks.”

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