Sejal Kumar: ‘Engineering Girls 2.0’ is about my character’s growth

Sejal Kumar has talked about how the second season of 'Engineering Girls' is different from the first part.

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Sejal Kumar has talked about how the second season of ‘Engineering Girls’ is different from the first part. The actress says the new edition is about her character’s growth.

Also featuring Barkha Singh and Kritika Avasthi – the new season, directed by Apoorv Singh Karki, revolves around Maggu, Sabu and Kiara and how they are beginning to get serious about life after college as it is their final year.

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The new season follows their daily misadventures and how they solve their way out of every situation to make their dreams come true, coming together, better and stronger in the end.

Sejal said: “Season one, everyone was so generous and positive in terms of feedback and reviews. Everyone was so happy about how cute and relatable the show is. And the funniest thing that I got was that people didn’t know that I act. And when they saw me in season one, a lot of their reaction was about how I acted well.”

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She added: “It was very surprising for the audience and so they remembered my character in the show. Season 2 is very different from Season 1. We all are in our final year and things are a bit serious. S1 we were just starting out.

“In S2, it’s about my character’s growth and how she becomes the bad*** after all the pain in S1.”

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The new season drops on August 27. It will premiere on ZEE5.

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