Sunny Leone entering Bigg Boss with Daniel Weber!?

Is Sunny Leone entering the house as a contestant with her real-life connection, Daniel Weber!?

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Sunny Leone and husband Daniel Weber burnt calories! Yes, you heard it right! One of the biggest fans of Bigg Boss Sunny Leone is all set to enter the Bigg Boss OTT house!

We have all seen Sunny Leone before in Bigg Boss and loved her stint in the house. We are sure with her over the top charm and experience Sunny will woo the audience yet again. But is she coming into the house as a contestant, challenger, or guide?

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Whatever it may be, it will be so exciting to watch Sunny inside with the contestants.

If sources are to be believed, this is what they had to say, “Sunny will be entering the house with her real-life connection, Daniel Weber and guide the connections inside the house who have failed to impress the audience.”

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Source added, “When approached first; Daniel was hesitant and then agreed as Sunny is die-hard fan of Bigg Boss OTT.” Wondering What masala this couple will do after what Sidnaaz did!

This Sunday will surely bring in some excitement.

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