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'Tera Chhalaava' cast share BTS moments from the sets

The well-known actors Kabir Sadanand, Kavita Kaushik, Sandeepa Dhar and Manish Goplani are all set to be seen in the crime-thriller ‘Tera Chhalaava’. The web show revolves around five stories that bring out the darker aspect of love.

The actors share some behind the scenes moments that made the shooting experience more enjoyable and memorable for them.

Sharing his thoughts about juggling between the role of director and actor, Kabir Sadanand gives a sneak peek into one of the scenes.

He says: “It was four in the morning. We had a sequence to be shot in a shower cubicle. An intimate moment that turns aggressive between Kavita and me. The temperature was dropping and to make it worse there was no hot water. When the shot got over Prabal and Kavita looked at me terrified.”

“Kavita, immersed into the sequence, had not realised that she had ripped my t-shirt and left a scar across my chest which was bleeding. Prabal was worried about continuity, as the t-shirt was ripped. Kavita who otherwise comes across as a tough nut was most concerned about me.”

Furthermore, TV actor Kavita Kaushik, who is known for playing the character of Chandramukhi Chautala in F.I.R, is happy to make her web debut.

Kavita shares an incident from the sets: “It’s difficult to keep calm or stay serious when I am around. So, Prabal, our director, who used to be petrified of the thought of framing Kabir and me together, knowing how impossible it is to keep us quiet, when we are together, finally found a solution. He got me to teach Kabir a few yoga poses and the laughter vanished as he went shut trying to survive the pain and breathlessness!” she says.

Actress Sandeepa also adds: “There is a shot where I had to ride my scooter into a narrow lane in an old ruin and I was being followed by a drone to get the perfect shot. As soon as I entered the lane, from nowhere a local walked into the shot. I balanced myself and somehow managed.”

“But, with an unexpected drone screaming towards me, the local freaked out and almost knocked down the drone. I improvised in the shot and distracted him. Thankfully things worked out just fine.”

Thapki Pyaar Ki fame Manish Goplani shares how everyone laughed for what he did while shooting an intimate scene.

“Archana and I were to shoot a scene where it’s shown that the characters are making out in the car. We were shooting the whole night and everyone was very tired. I was so exhausted that I almost dozed off during one of the shots where we were supposed to kiss.”

“The whole unit ended up having a good laugh. Finally, the shot got okayed only after I was given a steaming cup of coffee,” he says.

Tera Chhalaava will be streaming from July 7 on Hungama Play.


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