This Eid, transport yourself into a world full of entertainment only with MX Player

This Eid, transport yourself into a world full of entertainment only with MX Player and stream some of the best shows from across the globe.

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Festivals are a time of joy and nothing makes it better than spending the day with your loved ones! Eid is a festival that sees the city bursting with celebrations and involves feasting on some delectable food, but this year calls for a different kind of Eid, one you can enjoy right in the comfort of your homes.

This Eid, transport yourself into a world full of entertainment only with MX Player and stream some of the best shows from across the globe. Romance, drama, thriller or action – there is something for everyone this long weekend.

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Here’s a list of all our favourites:

Tekken 2 – A second installment to the much spoken about film ‘Tekken’, this film stars Liam Neeson, Maggie Grace, Famke Jansssen, Leland Orser in key roles. The film follows the life of Bryan Mills who finishes his three-day security job in Istanbul and is surprised to his see ex-wife and daughter turn up in Istanbul to visit him. Having a blissful moment with his family, things change drastically when his wife along with Bryan gets kidnapped by one of his former enemies. Directed by Olivier Megaton, this thriller movie keeps you at the edge of your seat

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Crank 2: High Voltage – An American action film written and directed by Mark Neveldine & Brian Taylor, this film is the sequel to the movie ‘Crank’ that released in 2006. The story follows ex-hitman Chev Chelios who survives a deadly fall on the streets of Los Angeles. Soon after he’s safe, he gets kidnapped by Chinese gangsters who steal his heart and replace it with an artificial heart which is designed to keep him alive only for an hour. In an attempt to save himself, he goes on a quest to follow and save his heart while managing to keep his artificial heart alive. The film stars Jason Statham, Amy Smart, Clifton Collins Jr., amongst others in key roles.

Universal Soldier: Regeneration – A 2009 American sci-fi action film starring Jean Claude Van Damme and Dolph Lundgre, this is the third theatrical installment to the Universal Soldier series. This thriller sees the kidnapping of a Ukrainian Prime Minister’s son and daughter and they’re held hostage by a group of terrorists led by Commander Topov. Their demand is to set free their comrades within 72 hours. Adding to the gravity of the situation, they also take charge of the Chernobyl nuclear plant and threaten to blow up the reactor. Directed and edited by John Hyams, this is a must-watch.

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Battle Drone – Directed by Mitch Gould, this action-packed film sees 6 mercenaries who are hired by the CIA, only to abduct an heir to a Republic and to take out an arms dealer in Moscow. However, they soon realize that they are being betrayed by the Government during the mission in Chernobyl and they have to save their lives from an army of droids

Cheekh – This crime drama series features Hindi Medium fame, Saba Qamar and Bilal Abbas in lead roles; it follows the story of Mannat (played by Saba Qamar) who seeks justice for her friend Nayab’s murder (played by Ushna Shah). With deceit, lies and bribery surrounding her, will Mannat be able to seek justice? This series showcases the trials and tribulations that she undergoes while standing for the truth and fighting against her family.

Do Bol – Directed by Syed Wajahat Hussain, the show stars Hira Mani & Affan Waheed. The series showcases a complicated yet beautiful love story of two people from a completely different background. Geeti (played by Hira), is a cheerful, wealthy girl while Badar (Affan), is a middle class boy. Badar’s father who works as a manager at Geeti’s house, also leads to Badar spending time there where he secretly falls in love with Geeti. However, Geeti’s heart was ruled by her childhood friend Sameer. Under unfavorable circumstances, Geeti gets married to Badar which she disapproves of. Will this forced marriage eventually convert into a happy marriage?

Kaisa Hai Naseeban – ‘Kaisa Hai Naseeban’ brings out the untold stories that prevail in the society, starring Muneeb Butt & Ramsha Khan. The series takes you on a journey of how every parent wants their daughters to get married abroad. Often clouded by this, they ignore the necessary investigation and information about the groom and his family leading to a devastating future for their daughter.

Brave & Beautiful – A family drama in the life of the Korludag family is what this is beautiful Turkish drama is all about. The life of Tahsim Kordulag, known for his wealth and great influence turns upside down when a loving and dear man enters his daughter, Sühan’s life. Being all that Tahsim’s son never was, Tahsin and Sühan accept him. Little did they know that he enters their life only to seek revenge… however, he falls in love with Sühan. Will his love for her stop him from seeking vengeance? Unravel this mystery only on MX Player

New Bride – A new bride or a new maid questions this Turkish drama series that traces the journey of a well-travelled and educated girl ‘Bella’ who hails from an aristocratic background. Having a modern and progressive outlook, she wishes to meet a fairy tale prince and have a royal wedding. While at her university, she meets a man who’s from a different ethnicity & culture. Awestruck by his persona, she falls for him and agrees to marry him despite her family’s opinions. Welcomed into his life and family after a wedding, she comes to realize that her place in the family is at the bottom of the hierarchy and no less than a maid. From a new bride to a hesitant maid, will Bella compromise or take this challenge head on?

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