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This is why Ravii Dubey feels ‘Matsya Kaand’ is his real OTT debut

Ravii Dubey, is playing 11 characters in his upcoming web series titled 'Matsya Kaand', feels the new show is the original digital debut.

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Actor Ravii Dubey, who is playing 11 characters in his upcoming web series titled ‘Matsya Kaand’, says even though his earlier outing on OTT with the web-series ‘Jamai 2.0’, he feels the new show is the original digital debut.

In a conversation Ravii explained why. “I would say that this upcoming show would be my original OTT debut and there is a reason I am saying that. You see, my last released show ‘Jamai Raja’ was already an established brand, people knew my character ‘Siddharth Khurrana’ because it gained popularity when it aired first on TV.”

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“Yes, on OTT when the new season was released, it was a wonderful show with high production value and plot twists. However, in ‘Matsya Kaand’ I am going to establish a new brand, a new franchise in which I am playing 11 characters and I have no reference point to that.”

He added: “So, it is my original debut and I am feeling a kind of pressure but a good one…I would say, I am curious to know what the audience feels.”

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‘Matsya Kaand’ is directed by Ajay Bhuyan. It also features Ravi Kishan and Piyush Mishra.

Known for his television shows like ’12/24 Karol Bagh’, ‘Saas Bina Sasural’, ‘Parvarrish – Kuchh Khattee Kuchh Meethi’ and ‘Jamai Raja’, Ravii has a career of more than 10 years in the entertainment industry.

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Ravi shared how the feeling of his OTT debut is different from his first-ever debut as an aspiring actor.

“I came from a zero background in cinema or entertainment. I only admired actors watching on-screen like any other boy growing up in a middle-class family. My first ever TV show (‘Stree Teri Kahani’) was produced by the legend Dilip Kumar saab. After my audition, my final look was approved by Saira ji.

“For the first time when I saw those legends before my eyes, as a new actor, it was like I am seeing the moon! You know that feeling, eyes were wide open…I felt like a child! Even though with experience a lot has changed, but that child is still there in me,” shared Ravii.

The actor added: “Though at the beginning of my career I used to worry about things that were not in my control and would feel frustrated if things would not go in my way; now I realised that is the stupid thing to do.”

He understands that he “really cannot control or design the reaction of the audience, or the result of a project.”

“So, I let it go and leave it to the universe. But, what I still do is, remain curious, about the audience’s reaction. I think that curiosity is coming from the child within me…I still am that guy who would ask, ‘did you watch the show? did you like it? what is your reaction, give me feedback!’…I am excited, curious and cannot wait for the show to release!”

‘Matsya Kaand’ releases on MX Player on November 18.

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