Ekta Kapoor’s Baarish will make your believe in love


With so many OTT apps flooded all over, and digital medium blooming like never before, we see so many apps providing explicit, bold and rustic content. The all new no censorship in digital medium has gone all out with makers showing everything and anything. However there are many OTT platforms that show original content. To name a view apps like Amazon Prime, Netflix and Alt.

Ekta Kapoor’s Alt has many shows ranging from family drama, action, true story to historical shows. Alt is true to its audiences and has one show for everyone.

After the success of Hum, Kehne Ko Humsafar Hai, Apharan and many more. The makers released Baarish starring Sharman Joshi and Asha Negi which is a beautiful, pure and clean love story. 


Baarish marks the debut of Asha and Sharman and is directed by Nandita Mehra and Produced by Bhairavi Raichura, Nandita Mehra.

Talking about the show, the backdrop of the show is Mumbai and its monsoon. It showcases the hardships of maintaining relationships and how the imperfect love story of Anuj (Sharman) and Gauravi (Asha) is defined by their responsibilities towards their respective families.

The plot
 Anuj is a Gujarati diamond merchant and is uneducated as he had family responsibilities he had to take care of his siblings Rishi and Shreya as they lost their father at a young age. Anuj becomes their father and also takes care of his mother and siblings along with business.


While Gauravi is a simple Marathi Mulgi who works in one of the branch of Mehta Jewelers of which Anuj is the owner and Gauravi has two siblings and is the bread winner of her house as her father took VRS (Voluntary retirement).

Gauravi’s brother Aniket (Vikram Singh Chauhan) falls in love with Anuj’s sister Shreya (Priya Banerjee)at the kick boxing class and their professional relationship turns personal.

Anuj and Gauravi are proposed for marriage by Anuj’s mother as she feels that she can take care of the house. The fact is Aniket will marry Shreya only after his elder sister gets hitched. The family saga as it’s always there, Anuj’s brother Rishi (Sahil Shroff) doesn’t want them to get married owing to class issues, rich -poor.


However  with the family being of utmost importance to the two, sacrifices and decisions by them lead to the pair getting married and their fate being decided. 

The screenplay
The show starts with Gauravi in jail and narrating her story to the lawyer.
The defense lawyer is trying his best to grant bail to the accused but she denies being innocent for the sake of her husband..

What happened that lead Gauravi in jail? Who is is saving?
Is she at fault? Find out…

Sharman Joshi marks his debut with Baarish and his role as naïve Gujju Anuj is too sweet to be missed, he compliments his lady love Gauravi. The old school romance is back and we simply love the innocent arrange marriage story.
Asha Negi looks like a fresh breath of air and she makes our heart blossom every time she comes on screen. Gauravi is a simple girl with ambitions and takes care of her family.  Every girl will connect with her as Gauravi has a mindset which is independent and progressive.
The sub casts have also done a fair job and we can’t deny that.  Actors like Priya Banerjee, Vikram Singh Chauhan, Sahil Shroff, Manit Jaura and many more have done complete justice to their roles.

Set in Mumbai with monsoon as the backdrop the screenplay touches our soul.
The series shows how marriages can be arranged but love can't. Love grows gradually and slowly with each moment and day spent together. Certainly yet another masterpiece by Ekta Kapoor.