Movie Review | Bahut Hua Samman: A Funky, Crunchy & Hilariously Junkie Ride


BAHUT HUA SAMMAN review is here. Produced by Yoodlee Films, BAHUT HUA SAMMAN stars Sanjay Mishra, Abhishek Chauhan, Raghav Junyal and Ram Kapoor among others. Directed by Ashish Shukla the film released on Disney + Hotstar VIP on 2nd October 2020.


Written by Avinash Singh and Vijay Narayan Verma – BAHUT HUA SAMMAN is a heist caper with a tweak. Best-friends Paresh and Ghanshyam, aka Bony (Raghav Juyal) and Fundoo (Abhishek Chauhan) are engineering students cum amateur conmen. Bakchod Baba (Sanjay Mishra) a crazy wanderer with extraordinary intelligence comes into contact with a master plan to rob the bank on their college campus. Bony and Fundoo are in the game and things get weirdly dirty, bloody and hilariously funny. Suddenly Bony and Fundoo are on the hit list of the sand mafia, a minister, a ruthless assassin Lovely Singh (Ram Kapoor) and a no-nonsense cop Bobby Tiwari (Nidhi Singh).

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Funky, crunchy, hilariously junkie and unafraid to make a satirical statement on the system and the politics of the system. Ashish Shukla’s Bahut Hua Samman pays tribute to the pop culture radicalisms from Anurag Kashyap who borrowed or say ‘snatch’ed it from Tarantino, Guy Ritchie or say Cohen Brothers.

This is with less gore and more yore (the constantly peppy disco/retro numbers playing in the background) and enough laughter in store if you prefer to stay river ke uss ore (read, if you think and appreciate thinking out of the box and willing to comment on the system).

Bhakth nahi bhagidaar chahiye (the difference between worship and participation), Avinash Singh and Vijay Narayan Verma maintain a satirical approach in this insane, funky and escapist on screen revolution.


Director Ashish Shukla or say Ashish R Shukla who is currently may be still basking in the glory of the terrifically gripping web series UNDEKHI, this time goes back to his hallucination days of PRAGUE (2013) one of my favourite and sadly the less talked about de noir in Bollywood cinema.

Anyways, here also Ashish Shukla takes advantage of its splendid cast and focused script to churn a gripping blend of a funky, crunchy laughter with some stoner tones and does make a statement.



Sanjay Mishra is awesome. Raghav Juyal is incredible. Ram Kapoor is superb. Abhishek Chauhan is outstanding.

Solid support comes from Nidhi Singh, Flora Saini, Rohit Chaudhary, Bhupesh Singh, Sharat Sonu, Pablo Yadav, Jayashankar Tripathi, Ram Sujan and Vinod Prakash.

Last but not the least the terrific Dibyendu Bhattacharya nails it in his short cameo.


A funky heist caper is handicapped without a proper retro/groovy feel and here music supervisor Anshuman Mukherjee does a great job and Manan Munjal’s background score just nails it.


Things happen quite fast during the second half with less explanation and it gets OTT filmy for a while. What was Namit Das doing here?

Final words

Want to be a bhagidaar (participant) of something funky, crunchy & hilariously junkie toh karo samman Bahut Hua Samman ka…

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