Movie Review Betaal: Netflix horror series will make you go red chillies?!

This zombie Betaal will not just climb on your shoulder to tell a surreal story and no way leave if even if you figured out the right answers


Betaal review is here. Streaming on Netflix from May 24, 2020, the Indian horror web television series is written and directed by Patrick Graham and co-directed by Nikhil Mahajan.

Produced by Red Chillies Entertainment, the web series stars Vineet Kumar Singh and Aahana Kumra in significant roles.

Immediate reaction when the end credits roll
After Mrs. Serial Killer, Betaal – Why is Netflix gung ho in spoiling your lockdown by adding chutney, aachar and this red chilies to the wound?. God knows.


Betaal review
This is a completely zonked zombie affair that hates to care for the viewers who are already under the corona and uncertainty scare.

This weird dark date night between a jump-scare zombie show and corporate greed seems to be prepared by someone who has been betrayed on his choice of weed making him go berserk to create an epic convoluted mess.

So, a special task force named the Baaz Squad, led by Tyagi (Suchitra Pillai), has been deployed in the interiors of Chhattisgarh to set the area free from the Naxals.


The government has given a green signal for a highway which the local villagers are against.
The second-in-command Vikram Sirohi (Viineet Kumar Singh) and his deputy Ahluwalia (Ahana Kumra), along with other recruits form a team.

They reach the spot and things go out of control literally on screen. The soldiers keep switching from human to zombie mode. There is also some cannibal element thrown in. But that’s not all, some history lessons, 1857 mutiny, East India Company to make sure that you curse your decision to watch this torture from the dead.

To be fair, the four-episode series by directors Patrick Graham (impressive – GHOUL previous) and Nikhil Mahajan, could have been developed in two ways.


Either Betaal as the demon who gets reborn due to corporate greed or Betaal the protector of the Baaz Squad which in fact is the rebirth of the East India Company. But it’s neither here or there.
Still, honestly the 180 minutes series does possess some positives. A couple of genuine scares, fine production values, good sound effects and prosthetics.

The actors rise above the dead where Suchitra Pillai, Viineet Kumar, Aahana Kumra are compelling. Manjiri Pupala as the tribal woman is fantastic. Jatin Goswami, Ankur Vikal and Jitendra Joshi are okay.

Final words
Be a smart Vikram, avoid this Betaal. This zombie Betaal will not just climb on your shoulder to tell a surreal story and no way leave if even if you figured out the right answers. This will crazily continue to hog on your senses and consciousness until the next season making your life a living hell.

Betaal review : Neflix horror series will make you go red chillies?!