Four More Shots Please Season 2 review: Pretty, peppy & petty


FOUR MORE SHOTS PLEASE Season 2 review is here. The follow up to the Amazon Prime Video web series FOUR MORE SHOTS PLEASE directed by Anu Menon and Nupur Asthana, is streaming on Amazon Prime from April 17, 2020. Starring Sayani Gupta, Bani J, Kirti Kulhari and Maanvi Gagroo. The second season of the Indian version of SEX AND THE CITY, VEERE DI WEDDING, etc is directed by Nupur Asthana.

Immediate reaction when the end credits roll

Growing old is compulsory, growing up is optional. The pretty looking FOUR MORE SHOTS PLEASE Season 2 had the opportunity to explore both and it gives a shot at some places but in the end it gets lost in its petty little things.



Its four months since the fallout between the four – Damini Rizvi Roy (Sayani Gupta), Anjana Menon (Kirti Kulhari), Umang (Bani J) and Siddhi (Maanvi Gagroo). Siddhi in her stress busting trip to Istanbul goes hysterical and calls Umang threatening to take a drastic step and constantly saying that she is on the ‘edge’ as she speaks from the bridge of the lovely Bosphorus River. Yes, you get it right, they all take the first flight to this gorgeous place called Istanbul and what they find – Siddhi is having a gala time with a local hunk. Now, it’s another matter that her trip was sponsored by her parents and the quality time she just had with the hunk all-night is actually a ‘paid’ service which gets cleared by her gang who luckily arrived there on time. Anyway, whatever it takes – the gang is finally back with their nostalgia, gigs at each other and selfies at the throw of a hat.

So, the question arises what have they learnt from their separation, and where will the story go now?.

Hold on there is some development and here they are listed below.


Damini Rizvi Roy is working on a book which can be a sitting time bomb – truth behind the murder of judge Damodaran. Anjana Menon is in relationship with a young man… Oh La la laa. Poor Umang is handling rejection at the hands of her ex – actress Samara Kapoor (Lisa Ray) and Siddhi (Maanvi Gagroo) is on the way to become a standup comedian.

In between there are plenty of righteousness, shout for women empowerment, LGBT rights, freedom of expression, coming of age, romance, womanhood, motherhood even fatherhood, gender bias all is ‘fantastically’happening?!!. Matlab it’s all superficial, fantasy with very less connection with reality. It attempts to delve on the above issues but just scratches on the surface and fails to enter deep.

Picture this..


A lawyer like Anjana faces misogyny at her work place. And what she does?. She quits. Chalo okay. No more panga in life just stay away from such mindset. But she is a lawyer – she could have filled a case. Then she joins a firm as a as a senior partner and gets involved with her partner Shashank Bose (Samir Kochhar), emotionally… before that she has rejected the domestic bliss from that young man who is ready to cook for her, wash the dishes, become a father, etc etc. Shashank and Anjana have things in common so there is a fire. Bt what is this.. one day Anjana enquires about the destination of the journey she has taken with Shashank?..

Now let’s talk about Damini’s book. We are told it’s a sitting time bomb. A volcano, but not at all given the reason why the book on the murder of Judge Damodaran can create a storm. Make your own guesses.

While the stand up transformation of Siddhi is inspired from Marvelous Mrs Maisel series, those who have seen will remember the encounter between Midge and Randall.

Rest of the time the awesome foursome get drunk and talk about sex.

The performances are praiseworthy but the costumes are in constant competition as if it’s a fashion show happening all the time. All time glitz, glamour was not the requirement. But it cannot be helped. Director Nupur Asthana (BEWAKOOFIYAAN) has helmed the series on a dreamy fantasy that may have the thought of mentioned women centric concerns in mind but the execution lacks the touch of reality. The emotions that get generated are manipulated and not at all earned.

A much much better and refined approach was expected from a FOUR MORE SHOTS PLEASE Season 2 team that has a female writer, director, showrunner, and a camerawomen.

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