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Movie Review | Kasaai: Engagingly Raw & Rustic

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Kasaai movie review is here. Directed by Gajendra Shanker Shrotriya and produced by Harbinger Creations, Kasaai features Mita Vashisht, Ravi Jhankal, Richa Meena and Mayur More in pivotal roles. Kasaai will be streaming on ShemarooMe Box Office from 23rd of October.

Kasaai story

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Based on a short story by Charan Singh Pathik, Kasaai is set in rural Rajasthan. It’s the story of a mother Gulabi (Mita Vasisht) and her struggles to get justice for her son Suraj (Mayur More). In a shocking incident, Suraj gets killed under unusual circumstances as the family tries to cover up the crime in the backdrop of impending village council elections.

Kasaai movie review

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Kasaai (rough translation: butcher) begins with a young man wrapped in a shawl shivering and later at night, the same man who seems to be ill struggling to enter a house. The mystically haunting past present format, raw, dark and earthy atmosphere make Kasaai initially look just like a low budget raw rustic crime picture that has exploded from the growing demands of desi crime noir spaghettis that are common on OTT platforms.

However, later the writer director Gajendra Shanker Shrotriya who adapts the Charan Singh Pathik’s short story for this movie manages to turn the tides and add layers of humanity and womanhood in this disturbing portrait of a violent and volatile world where power, greed, lust and betrayal are pitted against love, trust and togetherness.

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The rustic rawness and reality are the major highlight of this slow burner by Gajendra Shanker Shrotriya which by the end reels ensure that the fire has now caught up with the audience.

The sureness of tone, the quality of the actors to get under the skin of the given characters adds good value.

Mita Vasisht excels. Ravi Jhankal is fantastic. Richa Meena is very good. Mayur More is fabulous. V.K. Sharma as Sarpanch Poornaram is outstanding.

Solid support comes from Ashok Banthia, Amit Bimrot, Vikas Pareek and Jyoti Verma.


Kasaai touches vital issues but fails to make a solid statement. That overall sweep is missing. Am not sure about the lingo used here.

Final words

Kasaai could have been a solid statement but still it’s an engaging human drama which is bracingly raw & rustic.

pic/poster courtesy: Shemaroo

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