Movie Review | Kashmiriyat: A hauntingly sombering tale of pain & suffering


Kashmiriyat movie review is here. The short movie by Divyansh Pandit stars Zarina Wahab. Set in the conflicted valley of Kashmir, Kashmiriyat also features Naveen Pandit, Anshul Trivedi and Abhay Bhargava. The movie is all set to release on Youtube on 12th August 2020.

Immediate reaction when the end credits roll
A heart-breaking melancholy movie, but a necessary one.

Zarina Wahab & Divyansh Pandit
Zarina Wahab & Divyansh Pandit.

The Story of Kashmiriyat
Set in the disputed valley of India and a part of which is captured by Pakistan, Kashmiriyat is a short film of a doting mother Muneera Anwar (Zarina Wahab) her son Liyaqat (Naveen) encompassing religious, political and social conflicts mushrooming in the region.


Kashmiriyat movie review
We’ve heard so much about the cruelty and murder of humanity during the exodus of Kashmiri Pandits (1985–1995), especially the horror of 19 January 1990, following persecution and threats by radical Islamists and militants. It’s not easy to make the audience experience the pain and suffering of the Kashmiri Pandits in a 20+ minute short movie. Divyansh Pandit is able to make us experience the melancholy in an emotional mother son drama.

Recently, Bollywood has used the painful conflict of Kashmir in telling their stories which has ranged from a Shakespearian adaptation of Hamlet – Vishal Bhardwaj’s Haider to a story of innocence, faith and hope – Hamid by Aijaz Khan (the best for this author in mainstream) or Praveen Morchhale’s pure art house Widow of Silence (pure brilliance) and then we had this overhyped broad brush feel good romantic mockery by Vinod Chopra in Shikara.

Divyansh Pandit’s short movie Kashmiriyat has no intentions to push the artistic envelope further but it has an honest desire to make a plea for humanity and it succeeds in its emotions.


The actors starting with Zarina Wahab deliver an earnest performance. Naveen Pandit, Anshul Trivedi and Abhay Bhargava are competent as well.

Final words
At present, we don’t have a permanent solution to the Kashmir crisis but still as we are ‘looking’ for a better condition in the valley with a hope. A ‘click to Kashmiriyat’ on Youtube underlines the fact that how necessary and important is a solution to this devastating truth.

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Movie Review | Kashmiriyat: A hauntingly sombering tale of pain & suffering 1

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