Ateet movie review: A well performed catnap

ATEET movie review is here: The Zee5 original movie is streaming on Zee5from April 21, 2020.


ATEET movie review is here: The Zee5 original movie is streaming on Zee5from April 21, 2020. Helmed by Tanuj Bhramar, the movie stars Rajeev Khandelwal along with Sanjay Suri, and Priyamani Raj.

Immediate reaction when the end credits roll

So, can anyone will name his/her child as ‘Ateet’ (means past). More than how did this sleeping pill got sanctioned to be streamed on Zee5, am more curious to know how can a person’s first name can be ‘Ateet’ ( past).

The Story of ATEET


A war hero Ateet (Rajeev Khandelwal) once considered dead during a military operation comes back after a miraculous escape and his arrival starts haunting the peaceful life of his commanding officer during the operation Colonel Vishwa (Sanjay Suri), Colonel Vishwa’s wife Jahnvi (Priyamani Raj) and their daughter Sanah (Deshna Dugad).

ATEET review

A sleep fest right from the word go, ATEET is a bad memory that should be erased from the archives of everyone concerned. The makers, the audience etc. A mockery of multiple genres where a proposed date of a triangular love story with a supernatural horror gets ridiculously ruined by a screenplay that is dead on arrival.


A lifeless piece of art where nothing absolutely nothing apart from the exotic locales of Coonoor, and the sincerity of the lead cast to infuse some life into this snooze fest, giving a relief to the audience from this torturetainmnet in the name of entertainment can be found.

Characters are coming, talking. making allegations, passing judgments without any iota of establishment, no back story, no character graph, just to the face kind of filmmaking where nothing jells. Very soon you start scratching your head for this Ateet that has bombarded into your present without a warning.

There are times when a person is clueless about a certain incident during his ‘Ateet’ (past), this movie seems to be clueless right from its birth. If I start listing it will become a manual on things to avoid while making a supernatural love story.


For namesake, the relationship between the three Ateet, Colonel Vishwa, Jahnvi. how did Colonel Vishwa entered into the life of Ateet and Jhanvi. The bonding between Ateet and Colonel Vishwa. The reason for the spooky encounters of Colonel Vishwa. Is that guilt a la Shakespeare’s Macbeth or just a gimmick or hallucination or something else?. Questions after questions but no answer.

To add more chutney, pickle and mirchi to the wounds, ATEET is a technical letdown as well. Editing jerks, poor VFX and waste of a singer like Sonu Nigam.

Final words

Well, if somebody is not able to catch some sleep at the present lockdown due to the ongoing Covid – 19, Corona Virus scare, ATEET can be a solid sleeping pill and a nightmare both at the same time.

Critics review


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