Bamfaad movie review: Rough but not tough enough

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BAMFAAD review is here. The ZEE5 original movie is streaming from today on Zee5 – 10 April 2020. The movie marks the debut of Aditya Rawal – son of ace Indian actor Paresh Rawal. The movie also marks the Hindi debut of ARJUN REDDY fame Shalini Pandey. Produced by Jar Pictures and Shaika Films, BAMFAAD is directed by Ranjan Chandel.

Immediate reaction when the end credits roll

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He is ‘left’ but right. She is exploited but she knows her ‘rights’. BAMFAAD directed by Ranjan Chandel and presented by Anurag Kashyap had the potential of an explosively raw & pious love story from Allahabad but alas. The introduction of the new age righteous rebel in the ‘left’ handed Aditya Rawal is the silver lining. It’s all together another matter that megastar Amitabh Bachchan is also left – handed, is the undefeated icon for the young rebel persona on screen and is from Allahabad.

The Story of BAMFAAD

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Bamfaad (a north Indian slang for explosion) is a story of Nasir Jamal aka Naate (Aditya Rawal) is the local toughie. Nasir has his own ways and lives life on his terms. His parents father who is a trusted loyal of the local politician shields his son by asking him not to bring his matters at home. While mother Narseen Jamal (Rakhi Kishore) is rightly worried. The casualness of his father Shahid Jamaal (Vijay Kumar) gives Nasir a free ticket to do things at will. Nasir isn’t harmless or outlawed; he is just brave and free. One day, Nasir meets Neelam (Shalini Pandey) and love blossoms between them. But Neelam has a past and meanwhile Nasir has unknowingly made the local strong man Jigar Fareedi (Vijay Varma) unhappy as he had tiff with his favourite Rajib ( Priyank Tiwari) who is fighting for the college elections. A conspiracy to frame Nasir separates Nasir from Neelam and hell breaks loose.

Bamfaad review

Bamfaad could have been a crackling explosion but it ends up as a sutli bomb (A bomb that takes the light but fails to explode). Presented by Anurag Kashyap so it has to be radical but here too it fails to provide the thrills. Remember it’s a love story between a Muslim boy and a Hindu girl, knowing the flavor for which Anurag Kashyap is known for this could have been a dhamaka considering the time we are in. The movie has a faint reminder of the love jihad thing but just for namesake. Apart from actors Aditya Rawal, Shalini Pandey, Ranjan Chandel (one of the writers of MUKKABAAZ) also makes his directorial debut with BAMFAAD.

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Ranjan Chandel fails o bring the inter-religious tension from the hinterland in this Muslim Boy – Hindu girl love story with no conflict from the society, family, neighborhood nothing, the movie turns more into a game of one-upmanship between Nasir and Jigar.

The lead pair Aditya Rawal and Shalini Pandey is decent but their chemistry is not explosive and the audience is not fully sure whether they should be together or not.

So after a while in this 2+ hours movie, confusion rules inside and outside the screen. The maker not knowing exactly from whom he is trying to make Nasir and Neelam run away and fight. The audience is unable to understand what exactly connects Nasir with Neelam and its not lust initially for sure so what?.

The characters and the plot lack the fire and fury. Picture this, Nasir who is said to be a full-blown rebel who jumps into a fight at the slightest provocation doesn,t turns furious when required and chooses to run away from the scene in a bus with his beloved Neelam when chased.  Now Neelam shows more courage as she fights her vulnerability and throws important questions towards Nasir regarding their survival. Naser doesn,t has proper answer nor do we.

The debut of Aditya Rawal is fine he has in him. Hoping to see him more with more diverse roles.

Shalini Pandey carries the vulnerability seen in ARJUN REDDY and is fine.

Vijay Varma has his moments.

The mention of Khusro Bagh, the mention of ganga jamuna tehzib are those rare moment of calmness. The climax is nicely done.

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