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Movie Review | Hustle: Lessons of life from Basketball

Hustle is about being successful in life, more so as a professional, be it in sports or any other arena, one needs a coach his full backing to succeed.

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Want to detox from the aftereffects of cricket in the form of IPL and the ongoing India South Africa T-20 series, then HUSTLE is one of the options being aired on Netflix. Focusing on basketball and starring the all-time favorite Hollywood star associated with the game of football till date and choosing another variant of ball- the basketball to explore a new genre- Adam Sandler, HUSTLE is a treat, which would make one fall in love with a new game-basketball, as with the game of life as well!

Arguably, basketball is one of the most popular sports in America, and it continues to get cinematic attention by the film making fraternity of Hollywood on a yearly basis. Then what is it that makes HUSTLE different?

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HUSTLE is the story of a basketball coach who has been assigned the job of scouting for talent from around the world and bring it to the club which he works for so that the club continues to mint money in the professional basketball league in the USA.

Adam Sandler carries the role of the scout or the trainer with panache, walking like a camel, ruminating while walking, working out various permutations and combinations to strike the perfect balance. In the form of Adam Sandler HUSTLE underlines the role of a coach in scouting the talent and emphasizes the point that the talent scouter needs to move out from their comfort zones to search for the talent which proliferates in the mofussil towns yearning for a coach to redeem themselves. Adam Sandler’s search for Bo Cruz and establishing him as a player of repute, that too from an opposite team underline how selfless the role of a coach should be. Icing on the cake when he gives a tip to a player from his team about tackling Bo Cruz.

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Adam Sandler is one of those actors who perfected the talent of being a coach with a difference in a cinematic role and his enactment of that role in THE LONGEST YARD (2005) is a testimony to his prowess to slip into the role of a coach. He takes it a few notches further up in the HUSTLE by subtly underplaying the role and allowing other characters to display their persona on the screen. Perhaps in sync with this portrayal was the role for him in his basketball team- the role of the basketball coach.

Adam Sandler brings an understated sincerity to his role as a coach ably supported by Queen Latifa and Robert Duval in a short but impactful role. HUSTLE indeed is a movie to watch out for.

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HUSTLE is an ode to lessons in life and the few prominent lessons that can be highlighted include:

One should try and find a coach of the likes of Adam Sandler in life who can burn their pockets and their wealth to see that their prodigies succeed under the sun. Adam Sandler literally imports Bo Cruz and uses the services of his team to get clearance for Cruz at the New York airport.

In the professional games with so much of stakes involved, a player should not lose his cool else he may lose his position and can be ostracized as it happened with Bo Cruz when he was provoked by his potential rival. Even otherwise professionally one should not get ruffled by an opponent as it is a combat situation which plays in minds and to conquer it the opponent can go to any lengths to ruffle.

When a coach picks you up, as a disciple you should have the faith in the coach to take you through the process and not try and impose your ideas into the dynamics and mechanics that the coach wishes to implement.

There is a repayment time for the efforts that the coach has put in, and the disciple must bear it in mind. The coach would not tell it ever, but it is the moral responsibility of the disciple to always be ready for payback.

HUSTLE has emerged as manna from heaven for Netflix as it has become the most watched film on Netflix during the recent times. HUSTLE is drawing quite a lot of reviewer traction too. So, time it is that viewers sit back and enjoy this sports drama and have sweet memories associated with it.

Movie: Hustle
Director: Jeremiah Zagar
Cast: Adam Sandler, Queen Latifah, Ben Foster, Juancho Hernangómez, Robert Duvall, Anthony Edwards
Streaming on: Netflix
Duration: 117 Mins.

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Hustle is about being successful in life, more so as a professional, be it in sports or any other arena, one needs a coach his full backing to succeed.

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Asim Riaz

Himanshi Khurana

Nazriya Nazim

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Movie Review | Hustle: Lessons of life from BasketballHustle is about being successful in life, more so as a professional, be it in sports or any other arena, one needs a coach his full backing to succeed.