Movie Review | Thittam Irandu (Plan B): Riveting whodunit with an unexpected twist

The uniqueness of the plot and the unexpected final twist differentiates Thittam Irandu (Plan B) as a mystery thriller with a difference.

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Thittam Irandu (Plan B) movie review is here. The Tamil mystery thriller stars Aishwarya Rajesh, Gokul Anand, Subash Selvam and Jeeva Ravi amongst others. Set to exclusively stream on SonyLIV from 30th July, Thittam Irandu (Plan B) is directed by debutant filmmaker Vignesh Karthik. Thittam Irandu (Plan B) is produced by Dinesh Kannan’s Sixer Entertainment and Vinod Kumar’s Mini Studios.

Thittam Irandu (Plan B) Movie Review

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What begins as a tribute to the traditional serial / slasher killer thriller gets mysteriously ‘onioned’ into layers of love, illusion, compassion and more in this mystery thriller that urges to accept the ‘change’.

The film follows the journey of police Inspector Aathira (Aishwarya Rajesh). On her way to her new posting, Aathira gets smitten by her co-passenger on the bus journey Arjun (Subash Selvam), everything seems perfect in Aathira’s life. But an unexpected phone call, carrying the news of her childhood best friend, Surya (Ananya Ramaprasad) going missing, turns her life upside down. Following the clues of Surya’s car accident, Aathira is convinced that there is something much more sinister going on. Surya’s husband Suresh (Gokul Anand) claims no rivalry but one day Surya’s body is found and the mystery gets deep. Aathira succeeds in uncovering the secret behind this mysterious accident but the investigation takes an unexpected turn that makes the world of Aathira turn upside down.

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There is novelty in the plot and surprisingly director Vignesh Karthick helms this mystery thriller as a mainstream whodunit. This could have been an indie de noir but still it stands on its own.

Powered by Aishwarya Rajesh’s remarkable performance and Ananya Ramaprasad’s fabulous act, Thittam Irandu (Plan B) sees the actors in full command where Subash Selvam is fantastic while Gokul Anand, Jeeva Ravi and others land solid support.

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Outstandingly captured by Gokul Benoy with Sathish Raghunathan’s music enhancing the feel and going in sync with the flow and CS Prem Kumar apt editing makes Thittam Irandu (Plan B) a nicely crafted thriller.

There are glaring jumps and scenes desperately added to take the narrative forward without much explanation, it’s the uniqueness of the plot and the unexpected final twist that differentiate Thittam Irandu (Plan B) as a mystery thriller with a difference.

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