Tindey short film movie review: Refreshingly charming & tender


TINDEY movie review is here. Starring Adah Sharma, Ashwini Kalsekar and Rajesh Sharma, the movie is nominated for Filmfare Short Films Awards 2020!.

Coming under Royal Stag Barrel Select Large Short Films, the movie is written and directed by Seemaa Desai and produced by Parag Desai and Sejal Kaushik. So what makes TINDEY a favourite at the Filmfare Short Films Awards 2020!, let’s find out in the review of TINDEY.

Immediate when the end credits roll


TINDEY – a refreshingly charming and tender look at relationships. This 20 minute short by Seemaa Desai teasingly winks at the trends of dating apps, its dangers, the bitter sweet dilemma of a middle age married man and the cliché mindset regarding marriages.

The Story of TINDEY

Kranti(Rajesh Sharma) is in late forty’s, employed as a clerk at a government ID office, Kranti is bored with his monotonous boring life & nagging wife Shammo (Ashwini Kalsekar).


One day his colleague Mishra (Mukesh Bhatt) introduces him to a dating app, TINDEY. On the pretext of meeting young pretty singles to mingle, Kranti gets excited and starts clicking on pretty profiles.

Kranti finds an unusual match in Molly (Adah Sharma) a free spirited, gorgeous girl who flirts with the innocent Kranti and slyly calls him Amitabh Bachchan.

Flattered by the young girl’s comments and interest, Kranti feels the day is coming near but things that are seen from then naked eye cannot always be true.


TINDEY short film review

Online dating apps have many stories – but mostly are bad, sad and ugly cautions on the probable dangers which can be seriously harmful if not taken care and getting unknowingly carried away.

The title TINDEY a tease on the popular dating app tinder, through which the director Seemaa Desai smartly questions what people truly want and expect from their partners and the hidden agendas on people on such apps.

The narration by Seemaa Desai is simple and flowing, the dialogues by Deepak Kapur Bhardwaj are straight out of life, the screenplay by writer director Seemaa Desai is a pious examination of human nature, of relationship we all want, but too often sadly allow it to slip away. Though the plot needed some contrast/shades in the characterization of Shammo and the conclusion could have been better.

Powered by effortless performance of Rajesh Sharma, Adah Sharma and Ashwini Kalsekar with Mukesh Bhatt chiping in with adequate support, TINDEY remains ‘committed’ to its promise of having a refreshingly charming & tender relationship with its audience.



Tindey short film movie review: Refreshingly charming & tender 2

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