Pepper Chicken movie review: Intoxicating

Pepper Chicken movie review is here. Streaming on ShemarooMe Box Office from November 6, 2020


Pepper Chicken movie review is here. Streaming on ShemarooMe Box Office from November 6, 2020, starring Dipannita Sharma, Boloram Das, Baharul Islam, Ravi Sarma, & Monuj Borkotoky. Pepper Chicken is directed by Ratan Sil Sarma. The movie is produced by Dipannita Sharma and K. Zaman.

Pepper Chicken story
A female Radio Jockey Vaidehi (Dipannita Sharma), tells a story every day to her listeners. It’s the last day of her stint as an RJ, she is about to get married to her long time fiancée Raman (Ravi Sharma). On her way back to her home, she hires a cab service. During the journey, Vaidehi starts reading Pash (Avtar Singh Sandhu). The driver played by Boloram Das finds it interesting and asks for the page number. Vaidehi says 15 and surprisingly Pash recites poetry attracting the attention of the smart RJ. A conversation begins leading to a chai, snack, at a roadside dhaba, break down of the car, a deserted lonely abandoned villa amidst the dense jungle and mysteriously weird turnaround of events and character shifts.

Pepper Chicken review
Ratan Sil Sarma narrates a road movie which is a slow burner, it slowly but surely intoxicates the loyal enthusiasts of road movie thrillers. Nothing groundbreaking and minor in the context of the repertoire of Shemaroo and other significant road movies from the globe. But on the pure merits of the people involved in the making of Pepper Chicken it packs a sufficiently bearable punch in the erstwhile high octane road/rage genre. Thanks to the outstanding performances from Boloram Das and Dipannita Sharma which lift this average thriller from plain normal to something better than average.


Losing tremendously on the Pash/Manto build up, Pepper Chicken easily settles into a known psychological hunter/hunted format. It has its moments of tension and thrills for the average viewer.

Anyhow the loss of the great opportunity where literature becomes a common ground between the RJ and the driver is lost so easily. In much able hands, this could have travelled much deeper and made a significant impact.

Plus, the news about shooting in Assam jungles and all fails to get any support due to all the action at night. It would have been much better and more appropriate to have this shot in daylight that explored the beauty of the jungle on one hand and the ‘beauty’ in distress on the other.


Anyhow, Ratan Sil Sarma is successful in manipulating the audience with the mood shifts of the characters in Pepper Chicken.

Boloram Das – what a week he is having, Welcome Home and now this. His controlled sadistic kinks on screen as the driver is nuanced and brilliantly portrayed.

Dipannita Sharma as the damsel in distress is fabulous as well.


Papu Deka’s hauntingly atmospheric cinematography and the moody music by Parag Priyam Nath add to the momentum.

Final words
Pepper Chicken has its set of flaws, some are glaring but the overall atmosphere and outstanding performances plus some really spine chilling moments makes it an intoxicating ride. Enjoy it as loyal road thriller enthusiasts without many expectations. Going with a generous three an extra for the performances.

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