Rakkhosh : Critics Review, Rating, Cast & Crew

RAKKHOSH movie review is here. The psychological thriller streaming on Netflix is a unique experiment where the camera is the lead character of the film.

Critic review

RAKKHOSH movie review is here. The psychological thriller streaming on Netflix is a unique experiment where the camera is the lead character of the film. Directed by Abhijit Kokate and Srivinay Salian, RAKKHOSH is touted as the first POV film of India. Produced by SD Motion Pictures, the movie stars Sanjay Mishra, Tannishtha Chatterjee, Priyanka Bose and Barun Chanda in pivotal roles. How unique and spine chilling is RAKKHOSH?, let’s find out in the movie review of RAKKHOSH.

Immediate reaction when the end credit rolls
If you have loved TUMBBAD then you cannot ignore this unique experiment in psychological horror genre where the camera is the most versatile actor – the narrator, the metaphor, the audience, the performer, the problem and the solution all in one.. Incredibly unique experience.

The story of RAKKHOSH
Srivinay Salian ‘s silver screen adaptation of a Marathi short story PATIENT 302 by late Shri Narayan Dharap – well-known writer in Marathi horror literature. TUMBBAD was based on his short stories, while TUMBBAD was a unique path breaker on the horror of greed, RAKKHOSH ( Bengali term used for demon/rakshasa) is a study of evil amongst sane and insane humans. Birsa – a mental patient with a history of abuse from his father and elder brother. He’s sent to mental asylum from where he draws a parallel between his life in an asylum and that at his home.


Major Highlights
SHUTTER ISLAND, SESSION 9, GIRL INTERUPTED, BRAINSTROM, RAKKHOSH could have been any of these but the smartness to have a POV approach where a moving camera does the talking pays rich dividends.

It becomes a part, a character and takes different avatars. This way of filming effectively involves the audience into the scene as well.

Many a times the audience might get a feeling that he/she is Bisra. Director duo – Abhijit Kokate and Srivinay Salian indulge in an engaging exercise in atmospheric/psychological horror that debates on the definition of insanity and the presence of evil amongst them.


Reported to be shot on Red Dragon 6K camera, French DOP Basile Pierrat does an excellent job in creating the POV.

He along with his co – cinematographer Ashish Vaidya creates the dark atmosphere of uncertainty with unusual and weird camera angles, rare use of frames.

Special mention for the creative producer Prashen Kyawal and his production designer Rita Ghosh is a must.


The look, feel of the mental asylum is more realistic and authentic blending with the theme of the movie smoothly.

Shri Narayan Dharap stories have a unique ability to blend real fears with fictional characters and adding a mythological twist to the narrative that has a philosophical message.

RAKKHOSH also has to say something on humanity, sin, boon, good and bad karma. Having some fine talents in the star cast, RAKKHOSH finds the actors in their natural best.

Sanjay Mishra as Kumar John is outstanding. His ease in going surreal and real at the drop of a hat is incredible.

Priyanka Bose as Ridhima who suspects something is fishy at the asylum is natural to the hilt. Tannishtha Chatterjee as the loving sister of Birsa is excellent.

Namit Das as the voice of Birsa Sekhri is very impressive. Ashwath Bhatt as Dr. Partho is competent.

Barun Chanda as Dr. Idris Shah leaves his mark. Sonamoni Jayant Gadekar asKalima is fantastic. Atul Mahale as the corrupt Swapnil makes his presence felt.

For a section of cinegoers, the mind games and the brisk travel between surrealism and realism can be very testing. RAKKHOSH is not everybody’s cup of coffee, its strong and hallucinating plus its R rated. Strangely, the sound wasn,t apt. RAKKHOSH seems to be enjoying the ‘grey’ shade, the contrast is missing. The culmination seems a bit hurried.

Final words
RAKKHOSH is a rare experience in horror genre. The touted first POV film of India has traveled the festival circuit. Was the official selection at Pune International Film Festival, bagged the Special Jury Award for Best Director in Hindi Film at the Rajasthan International Film Festival. Uniquely morbid and spine chilling RAKKHOSH is also a lesson on how to make an intense psychological horror thriller without much blood, gore and mind blowing special effects.