Shukranu movie review : Pleasantly quirky & productively funny

SHUKRANU is a unique date of Shoojit Sircar's VICKY DONOR (2012) with the late legendary actor,filmmaker I.S. Johar's 1978 cult on its own NASBANDI. The 1978 satire on sterilization drive starred lookalikes of Amitabh Bachchan, Manoj Kumar, etc was banned. But this NASBANDI in SHUKRANU will grow.

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SHUKRANU movie review is here. Produced by Reliance Entertainment and Sweta Agnihotri , the humorous take on sterilization premieres on ZEE5 from February 14, 2020. Directed by Bishnu Dev Halder, the movie stars Divyenndu Sharma, Shweta Basu Prasad and Sheetal Thakur in lead roles. However, does the movie ‘deliver’? Let’s find out in the movie review of SHUKRANU.

Immediate reaction when the end credits roll

This is something uniquely quirky that can make Shoojit Sircar (director of VICKY DONOR) and the legendary actor, writer, producer and director late I.S. Johar smile with pride. To know why?. Please read on.  


SHUKRANU bole toh, matlab, it means sperm.

The Story of SHUKRANU

Set during the emergency SHUKRANU is the story of (Inder) Divyenndu Sharma. He is forced to undergo sterilisation just two days before his marriage(Shweta Basu Prasad). The incident haunts him and prevents Inder to get close his newlywed wife. But later, with comic turn of events, Divyenndu finds himself trapped between his wife Reema – who is now pregnant and his ex infatuation Akriti (Sheetal Thakur).

SHUKRANU movie review

National award winner Bishnu Dev Halder (BAGHER BACHA – 2007) attempts romantically escapist feel good semi sarcasms on sterilization and it’s pleasantly quirky & productively funny.

The highpoint of the predominately main stream approach in Bishnu Dev Halder’s story telling. Screenplay is its ability to open a voice for the unacceptable incidence during the emergency. It comes with a teasing wink towards male machismo and smile towards feminisms; it’s whisperingly subtle, but can be heard by those who search for some sense and sensibility in cinema.


Laced with pleasantly sly humor and quirky situations, SHUKRANU finds some refined performances from the lead cast.

Beginning with Divyendu Sharma who brings natural effortlessness to his role with a niece charm.

Shweta Basu Prasad as the picture of an ideal Indian wife women is endearing. Her role comes with some meat and the actress delivers fabulously.


Sheetal Thakur looks gorgeous and provides the shine, glamour to the proceedings, having a charming smile and presence, the actress provides proper justice to her role.

Aakash Dabhade as Divyendu’s BFF is marvelous and has some genuinely funny moments.

Good support comes from Sanjay Gurbaxani,Sunil Shakya and Ashutosh Jha.

Sayak Bhattacharya’s cinematography and Devendra Murdeshwar’s editing is fine.


The milieu, period feel, dialect is uneven. Bishnu Dev Halder had a time bomb of an idea. This could have traveled many areas but it sticks to its escapisms and only hints towards the issues. Yes, hard hitting documentaries /dramas on sterilisation like NO MÁS BEBÉS, LA OPERACIÓN, THE BLOOD OF THE CONDOR etc was never expected but the movie in spite of its pleasantly quirky goodness wastes the opportunity to make a sweeping statement and push its envelope into a fine indie.

Final words

To ‘sperm’ it up… oops I mean to sum it up SHUKRANU is a is unique date of Shoojit Sircar’s VICKY DONOR (2012) with the late legendary actor, writer, producer and director I.S. Johar’s 1978 cult on its own NASBANDI.

The 1978 satire on sterilization drive during the emergency starred lookalikes of Amitabh Bachchan, Manoj Kumar, Shatrughan Sinha along with lookalikes of late Shashi Kapoor and Rajesh Khanna.

NASBANDI was banned after its release by the ruling Indira Gandhi government at that time for criticizing the government policy of compulsory sterilisation.

The sperm of that seed in I.S. Johar’s NASBANDI had finally given the birth to this pleasantly quirky & productively funny SHUKRANU, which will grow amongst its target audience.