Monday, October 25, 2021

Movie Review | Sunny: Jayasurya life assuring dope of hope

Driven by hope, Ranjith Sankar's Sunny is an assurance on life and a fresh dope of hope powered by Jayasurya’s powerful act.

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Sunny movie review is here. The Malayalam movie directed by Ranjith Sankar and produced by both Jayasurya and Ranjith Sankar marks the eight collaboration of the actor filmmaker duo.

The 100th movie of Jayasurya is streaming on Amazon Prime Video from 23rd September 2021.

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The Story

Sunny (Jayasurya) a failed businessman checks into a posh hotel in Kerala with a secret plan during the Covid 19 pandemic. A musician before turning into a businessman, Sunny quarantine in that posh hotel, fights demons from his past and present like loneliness, anxiety, etc. Will Sunny see the ‘light’ will he survive?.

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Sunny movie review

The Covid 19 pandemic has assured us that our life has been divided into two eras – BP (Before Pandemic), AP (After Pandemic). The movie/film/content creating industry has got a new sub genre to work on – pandemic it can be horror, rom com, comedy, slice of life, love story, social etc etc.

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So where does Sunny land?

Sunny lands where it was destined to. As the name suggests it offers light, hope.

The war with Covid 19 pandemic is still not over and we don,t know when it will be over and we will be throwing all our masks in the dustbin.

The battle is on and so is life, the battle will go on.

Ranjith Sankar’s one-character Sunny where we see Jayasurya in each and every frame except for the partial glimpse of Shritha Sivadas as Aditi staying on the above floor, Binoy Kg the driver, Purnima Krishnan as the receptionist. As Sunny battles his loneliness, anxiety, his craving for alcohol during his quarantine period by talking to people on phone. We hear voices of Vijayaraghavan as SI Sadashivan Nair, Mamta Mohandas as Doctor Anuradha, Vijay Babu as Advocate Paul, Shivada Nair as Nimmi, Innocent as Doctor Eerali, and Sidhique as Jacob.

Those who have been quarantined or seen their near and dear ones forced to quarantine due to pandemic can easily relate to the situation Sunny is in.

The fear of being alone is scary and the makers deserve every pat on their back to make this experiment of Sunny dominating the screen almost entirely for the one hour thirty three minute and engaging and enlightening piece of cinema.

Powered by Jayasurya, no nonsense act where he owns the entire movie and takes the audience along with his grief, sorrow, pains, joys and gains is outstanding.

Driven by hope, Sunny is an assurance on life and a fresh dope of hope powered by Jayasurya’s powerful act.

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