Web Series Power Review : A powerful sex, crime, drama, thriller!


Power a web show by Lionsgate is streaming on Sony LIV app, there are 5 seasons which have been released so far, and the show is an hour long with 10 episodes each.

Executive Producer Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson’s Power, a crime drama about a night club owner who is also the kingpin of a lucrative drug empire.

As far as the story is concerned, James Ghost St. Patrick is  a wealthy New York night club owner who has it all, catering to the city’s elite and dreaming big, lives a double life as a drug kingpin. The creator of the show is Courtney A. Kemp who has been associated with two shows major films like BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, THE GOOD WIFE


The power packed power series will keep you hooked at the edge of your seat as its thrilling, crime drama with loads of twists and turns. 

Power is a crime drama series about the underworld drug game and the glamourous nightclub life in Manhattan, and is executive produced by the one & only, 50 Cent, who also stars in the show.

Getting started with the first season we can say it was just the set-up


The first season of Power was almost like an extended teaser and served mostly to introduce the characters at hand. It may have moved a bit slow at first but with the first eight episodes down the show is set to burst out of the gate for its season 2 premiers. Power is indeed edgy on a premium network like Starz Power doesn’t have to worry about toning down the content to satisfy the FCC. We already saw that the show isn’t holding anything back in its first season and while the explicit language is the most obvious benefit of the lack of censorship, the series can afford to feel a bit more like real life for that reason and more. Especially when handling subject matter as grim as New York City’s drug trade it’s nice to know they won’t have to sugarcoat the second season either.

James “Ghost” St. Patrick, who is played by Omari Hardwick, attempt to keep his legitimate nightclub business afloat by diving into the drug business head on. In the season 2 we see that Ghost is still struggling with his legal business while his shady side grind is getting more complicated by an affair he’s having with his ex-flame Angela who just so happens to be an Assistant US Attorney investigating his drug network. Basically, the clock is ticking and Ghost has a lot of ground to make up. As we go further we see the lives of Ghost, Angela and Tommy is in turmoil.   

Moving on, Season 5 picks up with James “Ghost” St. Patrick in a dangerous alliance with his former drug partner and brother-in-arms Tommy Egan and mortal enemy Kanan Stark. And according to the series’ overview, “As Ghost mourns the death of his daughter Raina, he searches for vengeance and throws himself into his work, reaching new, professional heights. But with this newfound publicity, his quest for blood threatens to dismantle his legitimate legacy. Ghost is blind to new enemies and, as the Feds grow closer to unmasking his true identity, Ghost must remain vigilant toward those wanting to take him down for his past criminal enterprises.


Omari Hardwick stars as James ‘Ghost’ St Patrick, a ruthless drug-dealer under the nickname “Ghost” who wants to leave that world behind him and start a new life as a respected member of New York city’s elite. And he is also damn fine to look at too!

MICHAEL RAINEY JR. as Tariq, is a notorious kid on TV, and not in a good way.  However, his devious character makes for good viewing as you never know what the slick son is up to.  

Joseph Sikora stars as Tommy Egan, Ghost’s childhood best-friend and an honorary member of Ghosts family, seems to have the best quick-witted lines, and yet can scare the bejesus out of you when he’s pissed off, or been double crossed.

Curtis Jackson, aka as ’50 Cent’ plays Kanan, and once was Ghosts and Tommy’s mentor from the hood, but now turned sworn enemy.

Naturi Naughton who plays Tasha, Ghosts wife and criminal accomplice. She’s a very strong, ride-or-die, smart, and focused on the hustle.

You must have heard the song Big Rich town by 50 cents and if you have binged watched the series this song comes in the beginning of each episode, its powerful and we can truly understand why the song has been used in the show. 50 Cent 

50 Cent is also an actor and he commands the screen, and you actually forget that he’s 50 Cent, the rapper. 

 The series is a mixed bag of crime, drama, sex, nudity and full of spine chilling moments. This is certainly for a different target audience and if you like crime drama this is a must watch for you. Season 1 to 5 is available on Sony Liv app, while season 6 will be available for viewers soon. 

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Web Series Power Review : A powerful sex, crime, drama, thriller! 2

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Web Series Power Review : A powerful sex, crime, drama, thriller! 3

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