Hawa Badle Hassu web series review: This endearing ride for a change is a must

HAWA BADLE HASSU web series review is here. The Environmental Sci-Fi thriller web series is streaming on Sony Liv starring Chandan Roy Sanyal


HAWA BADLE HASSU web series review is here. The Environmental Sci-Fi thriller web series is streaming on Sony Liv starring Chandan Roy Sanyal in the lead with Smita Tambe, Vikram Kochar and Hollywood actor Zachary Coffin.

HAWA BADLE HASSU is co- written & produced by Protiqe Mojoomdar (Handyyman) who has been associated with the Hawa Badlo Campaign earlier and is directed by duo- Shaptaraj- Shiva. Does it bring the ‘change’ let’s find out in the review of HAWA BADLE HASSU

Immediate reaction when the end credits roll
If the world is going to hell by the increasing number of garbage and pollution created by the human greed and commercialization then before falling prey a ride in the environment friendly auto rickshaw of Hassu is the a must.


The Story of Hawa Badle Hassu
Hassu (Chandan Roy Sanyal) rides an eco- friendly rickshaw, spreading the message on environment conservation to his unassuming passengers. One day Hassu goes missing. Why?, the web series gives you the answers.

Global warming is a burning issue and has been presented pertinently as a drama, documentary, comedy but a sci – fi with sarcastic wink is a rare.

Shaptaraj- Shiva follow-up to the HawaBadlo initiative comes with a delightful quirk that presents its powerful case on environment protection without much argument, preaching and devastation; it uses the engaging banter between Hassu and his passengers and brings the point forward.


Hassu is a character; he brings Kabir, Galib in his conversations, well versed with English and has plants over the top of his dream vehicle.

Chandan Roy Sanyal is a delight as Hassu (we need this actor more on silver screen – seriously) and the tone from a quirky drama takes a sci fi adventure route.

The point when the real message is delivered and when we are introduced to astonishingly alarming facts realting to dangers on earth, we are pinched to call for action.


The message gets delivered and that’s the triumph of this series. Apart from Sanyal, Smita Tambe also leaves her mark. Vikram Kochar and Hollywood actor Zachary Coffin are also competent.

A dialogue from the series summons it all. Ingenious but damn predictive, HAWA BADLE HASSU successfully brings the point forward and has endearing acts but it lacks the overall sweep. The introduction of Hassu is amateurish and unnecessarily filmy.

Final words
If you care for your environment and mother earth which is on the verge of getting extinct then HAWA BADLE HASSU is an encouraging and essential watch.

It’s not disturbing as other hard hitting movies/documentaries on climate change are. The best part is its endearing and ends on an optimistic note and hope is all we need nowadays.

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