Movie Review | Welcome Home: Terrifically Taut & Spine Chillingly Shocking

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WELCOME HOME review is here. Released on Sonly LIV on November 06 2020, the thriller is made by Pushkar Mahabal and stars Kashmira Irani, Swarda Thigale, Tina Bhatiya, Shashi Bhushan and Boloram Das.


Soon to be married Anuja (Kashmira Irani) is fighting her woes with her fiancée and is excited to start her new job at a school as a teacher in English and Geography. Soon Anuja gets an assignment to do the job of an enumerator (counting of people and listing for census) of a nearby village with her colleague Neha (Swarde Thigale). All is going well but hell breaks loose when they ring the wrong bell of a house situated in a remote area and surrounded by a jungle.

WELCOME HOME movie review

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SonyLIV does it again. After the masterpiece SCAM 1992: THE HARSHAD MEHTA STORY comes a terrifically taut & spine chillingly shocking gut – wrencher – WELCOME HOME. This raw, edgy and horrific reminder of child sex abuse, domestic violence and crime against women is soaked in blood that continuously pokes and pinches the wound with a needle.

The brilliance of shocking realism in Ankita Narang’s writing and powerfully arresting, disturbing and provoking narration and crisp editing by Pushkar Mahabal makes this a disturbing but provokingly unmissable watch.

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Saee Bhope’s atmospheric cinematography and the deadly combo of claustrophobia, feminism and brutal attack on male machismo in the plot/theme presented as a deadly violent creepy survival thriller saga, keeps the eyes of the audience wide open for various reasons.

The characterizations are pitch – perfect for example Boloram Das as Bhola is just incredible.

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Performances are of highest order.

Kashmira Irani is superb. Swarde Thigale is outstanding. Boloram Das as said earlier – excellent.

Solid support comes from Prerna (Tina Bhatia), the pregnant woman. Akshita Arora – the creepy looking mother. Shashi Bhushan – the maun vrath brother of bhola is a picture of pure but silent evil.

Final words

WELCOME HOME is a terrifically taut & spine chillingly shocking psychological thriller that comes with a solid whack on male machismo, domestic violence, child sex abuse, crime against women and more…

P.S. WELCOME HOME has shocking scenes of violence, blood, gore and torture on women and men. Persons with a weak heart and/or aged below 18 are advised to refrain from watching this movie.

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