Your Honor review: A nuanced exploration of truth, morality & justice


Your Honor web series review is here. Based on the Isareli TV series Kvodo (Your Honor – 2017), the series is streaming on Sony Liv from June 18, 2020. Your Honor stars Jimmy Sheirgil in lead along with Pulkit Makol, Mita Vashisht, Yashpal Sharma and Parul Gulati. Presented by Applause Entertainment and produced by Yes TV and Koda Communications. Your Honor is created by Roh Ninioh and Shlomo Mashiach. Written by Ishan Trivedi Your Honor is directed by E Niwas.

Immediate reaction when the end credits roll
Your Honor – the Indian adaptation of the superb Israeli TV Series Kvodo (Your Honor – 2017) sees Jimmy Sheirgill in complete command of his craft as E Niwas tautly puts forward the debate of truth, justice, morality and humanity in a gripping 12 episode thrilling crime drama.

The Story of Your Honor
Sessions court judge Bishan Khosla (Jimmy Sheirgill) is a favourite to win the race for the position of High Court judge. What seems to be a normal hit and run by his teenage son Abeer (Pulkit Makol), turns into a series of lies, betrayal, loss, suffering and pain for the judge. Bishan starts behaving like a criminal and starts playing with the law and lawmakers to keep his image clean. What is making a Judge behave like a criminal when he himself has confronted his son for his irresponsibility and inhuman behaviour of running away after committing an accident. Who was the person who was hit by the car driven by Abeer? All these questions are answered in this absorbing web series.


Your Honor review
Aise kaise ho gaye ho tum, yaha koi farishta nahi. Your Honor is a taut reality check on what we practice and what we preach. An introspection of morality, responsibility, duty and love. Your Honor is also a testimony on how far a person can go to save his / her dear one and his / her family. Wise people say that a human being is at his best as a parent and can be worse as a child. Writer Ishan Trivedi and director E Niwas add layers to this perspective with a thought-provoking exploration of human reactions on an incident and how it affects the whole scenario.

The chronicles of right and wrong. Good and evil. Fact and truth all are debated. Its sensational to see a judge crossing limits – creating a fall guy with the help of his friend Kashi (Varun Bandola) who is bounded by the Judge’s favours. Then there is the lovely intern Ruma (Parul Gulati) who is asked to file a case that can benefit the Judge Bishen. The gang lords enter twisting it into a dangerous crime drama and the police inspector in charge, Kiran (Mita Vashisht) is caught in between all these rivalries and chaos. What is the truth, and what is right, the audience are completely hooked and caught in the web like the characters? The narration is realistic and the relation with the audience is bang on target. They feel, react and emote the way the writer and director want.

Those who have seen the original Israeli show won’t complain as the Indian adaptation maintains the zest, tempo and feel.


Your Honor is a snaky ride of changing perspective, a roller coaster of humans. The web series is also a comment on the price we may have to pay if we are forced to choose sides.

Jimmy Sheirgill is a class apart right from the first episode till the last one. Mita Vashisht is superb. Pulkit Makol is excellent. Yashpal Sharma is fantastic. Parul Gulati is outstanding. Varun Badola is incredible and during the final episodes he explodes. Kunj Anand as Harman leaves his mark. Mahabir Bhullar as Satbir makes a good impression. Anuj Dhuan as Satnam is fantastic.

Other actors also chip in with solid support. Bikramjeet Kanwarpal as Bishen’s rival is good. Parag as Guddu has his moments. Suhasini Mulayas Bishen’s mother in law is fantastic and Richa Pallodas Indu is competent throughout.


The impact of the linguistic divide gets diluted, some memories of Bishen with his wife could have helped in adding more wonders.

Final words
Your Honor is an extremely well-made series with a lesson on morality that also talks about truth, justice, love, and humanity. Anchored by the terrific Jimmy Shergill, Your Honor succeeds in being forceful, impassioned and moving crime drama that offers fodders for thought as well. How far will you go for your son, family? Do catch Your Honor at the earliest.

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