Anandi Gopal movie review: A classic story of love and empowerment


Anandi Gopal movie review: A classic story of love &empowerment

ANANDI GOPAL movie review is here starring Lalit Prabhakar and Bhaghasyree Milind. The Marathi movie directed by Sameer Vidwans is the biopic of Anandi Gopal Joshi –India’s first female doctor. Let’s find out whether the movie does justice to the incredibly inspirational journey of Anandi Gopal Joshi in the movie review of Anandi Gopal.

The best thing about ANANDI GOPAL movie
Director Sameer Vidwans ANANDI GOPAL is a classic case of empowerment cinema weaved through a populist feel good tapestry that celebrates love in its purest form.


Who is ANANDI GOPAL?, the Story
Set around 1857, the movie begins with a nine year old Yamu, later Anandi (Ankita Goswami) getting married to a widower post master Gopal Joshi (Lalit Prabhakar). Gopal has this air of aggression and can be unpredicted at the drop of a hat. Gopal who is around 20 years older than Yamu throws a bomb taking Anandi’s parents by shock and surprise both at the same time? Gopal insists that he will marry Anandi only if she agrees to pursue her studies after the wedding.

Anandi ‘s parents who are going through a financial turmoil agree to Gopal’s demands. Rest is how Anandi (Bhaghasyree Milind – grown up) after rebelling for a while agrees when she finds the reason behind Gopal’s strong desire to make her educated. Anandi becomes stronger and creates history by enrolling herself for the two-year degree in western medicine in the United States and emerges as the first lady doctor of India.

Sameer Vidwans has a solid super strong story to say, so in a way it becomes easy for any director to narrate an observing an inspirational story but in the push and pull between cinematic art and commercial essentials of a mainstream cinema, biopic on legends fall prey into becoming a hagiography and Sameer Vidwans remarkable confidence to maintain an absorbing balance throughout is praiseworthy. Karan Siddhant Sharma’s assured screenplay translated by Irawati Karnik is laced with magical, emotional and inspirational moments.


The fine co ordination between the writer and director make sure that the women empowerment thing doesn’t get preachy, Gopal’s aggression doesn,t turn into physical violence on screen. Importantly the love and understanding between Gopal and Anandi is smartly structured and the emotional graph increases never forgetting to touch and movie the audience.

The scene where Gopal yells at the pregnant Anandi, the scene where he gives her a stick and asks her to whack him for the mistake with his trademark threat and the response from Anandi followed by the reaction of Gopal stays in your mind. The moment when Anandi enters the prestigious college in United States of America and the penultimate portions are overwhelming.

Lalit Prabhakar and Bhaghasyree Milind live up the character of Gopal and Anandi on screen with tremendous ease and conviction. The BALAK PALAK girl Bhaghasyree Milind transforms nicely and is adorable as well as inspirational to the core. Lalit Prabhakar plays the driving force behind Anandi with remarkable assurance. The young Anandi played by Ankita Goswami is fine. Geetanjali Kulkarni has her moments.


The production design by Nilesh Wagh gives a sense of the era. Dagdu Erkar make – up adds to the feel. Akash Agarwal and Apoorva Shaligram’s cinematography is eye pleasing. Editing by Charu Shree Roy supports the director’s vision.

Though Sameer Vidwans biopic on Anandi Gopal Joshi is a story that needs to be told and it is told in a convincing, feel good manner from heart, still the movie is not a cult. It’s based on a historic cult figure from Maharashtra that brings back the current ‘beti pado’ movement, the women empowerment issue to light and makes us understand how the girl education issue still stands relevant in our society.

At times the movie takes its format to be a crowd pleasing cinema very seriously and ignores some facts which a thinking cinegoer and a sensible movie enthusiast would like to know. For example, how did Anandi gets enrolled in that Women’s Medical College of Pennsylvania?, what was the thought process running in the minds of the people in the American Medical College at that time that resulted in a decision favoring Anandi Gopal is not clear. At times a feel of repetition is felt.

Final words
All said and done, the biopic on ANANDI GOPAL (Google doodle celebrated it last year and I wondered whether Bollywood will ever make a biopic on this courageous Indian lady) and a just days before her 154th birthday, Marathi cinema has done the required needful. ANANDI GOPAL is empowerment cinema at its populist best. It’s so sad to find that the great Anandi Gopal Joshi born on 31 March 1865 died at a very young age of twenty one on 26 February 1887. The pioneer of Indian cinema Dadasaheb Phalke first feature RAJA HARISHCHANDRA came 26 years later.

What if the movie had come during its time and commented on child marriage, prejudice towards women, caste politics and importance of girl education. One hundred and thirty two years have passed by and still we feel the need to educate people on the importance of girl education. This makes the relevance of ANANDI GOPAL more and more.

It’s so unfortunate that Anandi Gopal who did the unimaginable a century ago couldn,t spread the awareness physically and cure people by her own. How long have we come in the areas of women empowerment, girl education and safety?. ANANDI GOPAL asks the above questions while it narrates a pious love story.