Review of GAME OVER South Movie 2019, Cast & Crew and Rating


GAME OVER movie review is here. The Indian drama thriller is released in Tamil, Telugu and dubbed in Hindi. Written and directed by Ashwin Saravanan. The film stars Taapsee Pannu. Is Game Over worth the thrills?. Let’s find out in our review of GAME OVER Hindi version.

Immediate reaction when the end credits started rolling?

Should I laugh?, cry or just stay immune as the movie does in spite of all the gore  shor.   


Most annoying and confusing thing about GAME OVER

What was this ‘game’ all about?. A slasher serial-killer thriller? A supernatural drama? A call for women empowerment?, a sadistic pleasure?, a torture cinema?, a video – game horror?, kay tha yeh?.


The Story of GAME OVER

A surreal psychopath is on the prowl, he beheads females, burns them and plays football with those decapitated heads and it just 5 mins the movie has started. So it’s a slasher?, so far so good but hell breaks loose when we meet Sapna (Tapsee Pannu) – a video game expert and a victim of rape, battling her trauma and sudden fear for darkness, getting haunted by a tattoo and that psychopath coming straight from Friday the 13th series, armed with swords, sickle and a camcorder. Will Sapna survive? forms the crux of the narrative.


What’s good?

A couple of genuine scars, perfect atmosphere, Ron Ethan Yohann’s music, A. Vasanth’s camera work, Richard Kevin’s editing are the real stars of this movie. A mention for the pious efforts of Tapsee Pannu is a must. As Sapna, the actress tries her best to give conviction to her poorly etched character that lacks dynamism and is unconvincing. Tapsee tries her best to win the audience with her sincere performance and she achieves some success.  

What’s bad?                                                                                           

This torture cinema can be used a manual on how to spoil a potential tight thriller/slasher movie. Presented by Anurag Kashyap so it has to be radical by default but there is no point behind all the blood and gore. The forced feminisms, a surreal connection between a cancer survivor and a rape victim, lack of emotion and zero explanation of the motive behind the psychopath – in the weirdest of imagination, this could be an attempt to present them as a metaphor of wicked and cruel male machismo, patriarchy?, it make a super pseudo intellectual happy not those who look for sense and sensibility in all genres and do not jump into any ecstatic conclusions which even the maker would have not imagined in his most wild dreams. The mind boggling (literally) avatar of tattoo in this torture, will make those crazy about tattoos running for their life’s and rushing in to remove their tattoos immediately.

Final words

GAME OVER is a cacophony of gore and screams that tries to shop at every tool available in the thriller/slasher/supernatural/horror genre that is completely prosthetic in its virtuosity to be politically relevant and correct. Ashwin Saravanan is unaware when to leave and how to pill the gore with tension and emotion. GANE OVER ends like a show reel – montage of a crazy, juvenile lover of slasher, supernatural and horror genre that makes no sense.

P.S. This is the review of the Hindi dubbed version; the movie is a bilingual in Tamil and Telugu.

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