K D Karuppu Durai movie review : A relishingly everlasting taste of life


K D Karuppu Durai (KARUPPU DURAI aka Engira Karuppudurai) movie review is here. Directed by Madhumita, the rare Tamil coming of age drama features Mu Ramasamy and child actor Nagavishal. Premiered at the UKAFF (London), KARUPPU DURAI has been screened at multiple festivals and won awards across the globe. Does it entertains and enlightens as reported?, let’s find out in the movie review of KARUPPU DURAI. The movie releasing on November 22, 2019 through Yoodlee Films.

Immediate reaction when the end credits roll

A realistically rare coming of age that deftly and tastefully blends comedy with tragedy leaving a relishingly everlasting taste of life.


The Story of K D Karuppu Durai

An 80 something Karuppu Durai (Mu Ramaswamy), from Kallupatti, in Virudhunagar, falls into a coma and is bed ridden for months. The family of KARUPPU DURAI decides to perform the ritual called thalaikoothal – a kind of euthanasia for the aged. As the family is discussing, the bearded KARUPPU DURAI wakes up from the coma and overhears the discussion. KARUPPU DURAI flees and boards a bus. He lands up near a temple and the 80 year old depressed, bored with life who gave away everything he had to his children who are now planning is death is waiting for his sad end. A lively character an eight year old orphan boy Kutty (Naga Vishal) raised by a kindly priest from the temple which gave KARUPPU DURAI his lunch is introduced. The orphan vegetarian Kutty strikes a divine chord with the mutton biryani loving KARUPPU DURAI and a rare camaraderie between an 8 and 80 is experienced where the childlike innocence, brotherhood, friendship, love, life and longing gets a new meaning.


Movie review of K D Karuppu Durai

Writer-director Madhumitha with her co-writer Sabarivaasan Shanmugam offer a sparkling joy de force of life which is carefully woven with hard hitting reality, crackling humour and a magical warmth. Remembering innocence and embracing the joy of life that craves for positivity and hope. The movie makes a refreshing dig on the value of a family, an 8 year old orphan bonds with a 80 year old man the elder is abandoned by his own children while the child is abandoned by his parents. Well etched characters, moments of gem when Kutty makes the bucket list of KARUPPU DURAI, a drunk KARUPPU DURAI confesses that Kutty has taken care of him like a mother, and he is unable to understand who is the child he or Kutty. The way people start craving for that biryani and the way KARUPPU DURAI loves relishing it making the craving ala life aka happiness spread like disease is sheer cinematic delight. KARUPPU DURAI’s reunion with his childhood school-days friend Valli (Vijaylakshmi) is nothing but magic.


The chemistry between K D Karuppu Durai and Kutty is unforgettable that gives a passing flash back of KABULIWALA.   

The narration by Madhumitha is calmed, simple and mirror like a clean flowing river that gets its metaphor from time to time.  Mu Ramaswamy is sheer delight to watch him on screen and come up with his age, life and character. Brilliant. Naga Vishal is excellent. Special mention of the detective Yog Japee and KARUPPU DURAI childhood friend Valli (Vijay Laxmi) is a must.


K D Karuppu Durai is a soul stirring reminder that if our craving for our favourite dish in life doesn,t stop at any situation why should the craving for joy, happiness and acceptance should be on hold. KARUPPU DURAI ensures that the cravings for your biryani ( favorite dish) in life and innocence (enthusiasm, vigour, hope) from life never ends.

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