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A new party foot-tapper: 'Troll' from romantic entertainer 'Banaras'

The makers of director Jayathirtha’s upcoming romantic entertainer, ‘Banaras’, have released a peppy party number titled ‘Troll’ from the film. The film, which features Zaid Khan and Sonal Monteiro in the lead, is scheduled to hit screens all across India on November 4.

The new party song, composed by Ajnesh Loknath and sung by Jassie Gift, has great retention value, thanks to its foot-tapping music and its punch line, “Money doesn’t Matter”.

The song showcases the dancing abilities of actor Zaid Khan and has no problems garnering the attention of listeners as it urges people to not be mindful of what those trolling say.

Shot in Bangkok with a huge crowd, the song is a true party popper as it is youthful and entertaining.

‘Banaras’, which has been directed by Jayathirtha, is to be a Pan-India release and will be presented in five languages namely Tamil, Kannada, Telugu, Malayalam and Hindi.


Kajal Aggarwal

Kiara Advani

Pragya Jaiswal

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