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Aruna Guhan: Vijayakanth did risky stunts in ‘Sethupathi IPS’

Aruna Guhan, one of the young producers and Creative Directors of AVM Productions, on Thursday disclosed how actor Vijayakanth, one of the top actors in the Tamil film industry in the nineties, chose to do a risky stunt sequence all by himself without a body double for the superhit film, ‘Sethupathi IPS’.

Taking to Instagram, the producer posted a series of pictures shot on the sets of the film ‘Sethupathi IPS’ and gave details of how Vijayakanth chose to do the risky stunts all by himself. She said: “On popular request, (sharing) some trivia and a working still from ‘Sethupathi IPS’, 1994.

“In this scene, terrorists had planted a bomb in the clock tower of this building where Ministers gathered for a meeting and Vijayakanth sir was to climb the clock tower and stop the clock to diffuse the bomb.

“There was no rope-technique used, where a rope is tied around the actor’s waist to lift him in the air. Thatha (Grandpa) has spoken of how Vijayakanth sir took several risks and worked so hard to execute scenes and fights without a stunt double and sure enough, it had audiences on the edge of their seats.”

The producer also posted the video clip of how the stunt sequence appeared in the film.


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