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Rangayana Raghu had to mentally prepare a lot for his role in ‘Family Pack’

For seasoned actor ‘Rangayana’ Raghu, his latest cinematic outing ‘Family Pack’ has literally turned out been an ‘out of this world’ experience.

Recalling his experiences portraying a ghost in the Kannada movie, Raghu said there is never a dull moment in ‘Family Pack’.

“I play an unconventional ghost in the movie. It has emotions, it feels anger, happiness, sorrow, greed. Slowly I start interfering in the affairs of two families. That’s how the name ‘Family Pack’ came about. With a twist in the tale taking place every half an hour, I found my role and the story very interesting.” Raghu said.

Raghu reveals that he had to do a lot of homework on the role, and yet leave room for improvisation on sets. The fluid nature of his on-screen character meant that the rest of the crew had to keep a check on their reactions while canning the shots.

“As per the story requirements I am visible and audible to two persons only on screen. This meant all the other on-screen characters must not respond to any of my dialogues or gestures. The slightest involuntary response from even one of the other actors would result in a retake,” he explained.

‘Family Pack’ is a part of Prime Video’s recent multi-film announcement with PRK Productions which will be available exclusively for Prime Members worldwide from February 17. The three-film announcement is an ode to the craft and legacy of the late actor and filmmaker Puneeth Rajkumar whose contribution to cinema stands unmatched.

Directed by Arjun Kumar S and produced under the banner of Sri. Puneeth Rajkumar’s PRK Productions, the ‘Family Pack’ features actors Rangayana Raghu, Amruta Iyengar and Likith Shetty in the lead.

–By Narendra Puppala


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