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Nirmal Rishi starrer ‘Maa Hundi Ae Maa’ poster released

The renowned veteran Punjabi actress Nirmal Rishi shared the poster of her upcoming movie ‘Maa Hundi Ae Maa’ to be released in 2024, presented by Yogamaya Production and directed by Rai Yuvraj Bains, director and producer of the comic-thriller “Oh My Pyo Ji-2014” and “Kaake Da Viyah-2019”.

The film highlights the painful journey of parents who leave their happy life in Punjab and visit their children in a foreign land to spend quality time with them. But the reality there is depressing and gloomy where the parents are left alone at home only to take care of their house and kids. Parents always have a special place in one’s life which seems to get demolished under the cover of children’s thick busy schedules.

Nirmal Rishi is an adept actress who is well-known for her strong characters in films. The film ‘Maa Hundi Ae Maa’ is dedicated to mothers who sacrifice themselves for their children’s good. Eventually, when children begin their own lives the strong bond of love and care between them tends to be fragile. The film is a precious extract of all the aspects of motherhood that will give us a real picture of what extremes a mother can go through for the happiness of their children.

Talking about the film, Nirmal Rishi said, “The various emotions and sensitive feelings that parents living abroad had been facing will be shown in the film. I was very surprised to hear the story of the film and playing the role of a mother in this film seemed to be a necessity for the audience to watch. The name of the movie is “Maa Hundi Ae Maa” portrays the reality in itself which is grabbing everyone’s attention.”


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Nikki Tamboli

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