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Post Covid recovery Priya Bapat donates blood

Marathi actress Priya Bapat has donated blood for Covid patients, after recovering from the coronavirus.

Popular Marathi actress Priya Bapat has donated blood for Covid patients, after recovering from the corona virus. A few days back, Priya shared a few photographs while donating blood and expressed her views through the caption that read, “Finally I was eligible to donate blood post Covid recovery. I want to take this opportunity to give it back to the society.

This is my first ever blood donation. YES. I know I should have done this way before. But better late than never. I am extremely scared of needles and thus never dared to even take injections. I am definitely a rare piece. My blood group too says so. As I am A negative (A ‘-‘ve). It is even more important for a person with a rare blood group to donate blood.
My doctor said, “Blood is the only thing one can donate while they are Alive. And you should do it.”

If I wouldn’t have overcome this fear now, I would have felt guilty and useless all my life. Hence, Post Covid recovery I decided that I have to overcome my fear and do the best I can to save at least one life.

We all feel helpless during this pandemic. But this one act of donating blood have given me some strength. I did what I could do. Today I will sleep without any anxiety. Today I will sleep, hoping that we all soon will see the light at the other side of the tunnel.”

“Everyone who can donate should donate. There is no two ways about it. We as a nation are facing the worst crisis ever. We are losing lives like never ever. In times like these everyone has to come together to fight the disease,” Priya said.

She added, “We have to follow protocols very strictly and do whatever possible in our capacities to help one another. I pray and wish that we get over the pandemic soon. The news has been unbearable.”

The actress will be seen in independent filmmaker Aditya Kripalani’s upcoming “Father Like”.


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