RGV’s ‘Guns and Thighs’: Click only if you are an adult.

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The teaser for RGV’s first ever web series ‘Guns and Thighs’ was launched on Friday at his Company office to a shocked response.

After witnessing trailers/teasers of the various web series, RGV’s ‘Guns And Thighs’ first trailer is mind blowing and beyond imagination. Will this raise the bar of Indian web series now?

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The web series opens up about various aspects of D-company and gangsters; it portrays the life of Mumbai mafia during 90’s to 2005.

RGV’s web series is laden with violence, cuss words and even nudity. In fact he depicts everything effortlessly without creating a hue and cry out of it in a natural flow.   

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The title of the series is based on RGV’S book ‘Guns and Thighs’. However the book is a semi autobiography of RGV while the series is not even loosely based on it.

The series shows the era of Mumbai Mafia in never before seen avatar.

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During exclusive conversation at the trailer launch, Ram Gopal Varma spoke about his web series and also explained how he will handle the nudity clause for various digital platforms.

He said, “My book Guns and Thighs is a semi-autobiography while the web series is not based on my book. The story of the entire series of ‘Guns And Thighs’ is something I have gathered over the years with my various interactions with ex gangsters to encounter cops to middlemen of gangsters to their victim’s relatives and so on. Some might feel that I have already dealt with this in my films like SATYA and COMPANY, but nothing could be further from the truth ..SATYA and COMPANY were not real. ‘Guns And Thighs’ is real. Since for various reasons I couldn’t tell the real story in a film I decided to tell it here in the digital world.”

Disclaimer:  Content Warning, this video may be inappropriate for users below 18 years age and is not for light-hearted people. Not recommended for users below 18 years of age.

Watch the Official Trailer on YouTube Channel of GUNS AND THIGHS.

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