S S Rajamouli’s BAAHUBALI 3 is on and check the details

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Folks, especially the ‘BAAHUBALIANS’ (fans of BAAHUBALI).. it’s not over. BAAHUBALI 2: THE CONCLUSION is not the ‘conclusion’ and the modern day maverick master S.S. Rajamouli had part 3 already in his mind. We have the proof. Read on.

There may be definitely more to the Kingdom of Mahishmati, BAAHUBALI will be back again.. we reported in October 2015 that S.S. Rajamouli had something in his mind for BAAHUBALI 3.

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The current media report of S.S. Rajamouli hinting at BAAHUBALI 3 at a promotional event in London where he was quoted saying, “Because we have the market and if we make a film for the market without having a compelling story that would not be honest filmmaking. But if my father comes up with a compelling story, like he did before, we can always make it.' Hinted at a probable part 3 for a section of media. But we have some interesting facts to share on the ‘hinted’ part 3.

We would like to remind all that in October 2015, Rajamouli posted on his social media saying, “BAAHUBALI 3 is on cards. But the story that's written for the two parts will not be dragged for the sake of it. This story will conclude with the second part itself (sic),”

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The maverick director also added that time “BAAHUBALI 3? Will be done in a way that audiences have never experienced via films before.”

Anyways, more good news for BAAHUBALI and Indian cinema lovers, the makers of BAAHUBALI – Arka Mediaworks is planning to expand the historic Indian box office grosser beyond India and exploring markets like Korea and China. Even South American markets are getting considered.

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