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Adil Hussain: I've never aimed to be at the top

Critically acclaimed actor Adil Hussain has been part of many successful movies, including Ang Lee's international hit "Life Of Pi", but he says he has never aimed to be at the top.

Ang Lee is learning the new language of cinema

Academy Award-winning filmmaker Ang Lee is on a quest to find out how digital cinema will change the world, and says he is trying to learn how to speak in that language.

Gemini Man: Ang Lee shares his experience on making the perfect movie

For the very first time, Will Smith will be seen in a dual role where is is the antagonist and the protagonist for himself. Meanwhile, Ang Lee and other crew members share their experience on working in the film.

Ang Lee doesn’t believe in life with regrets

Academy Award-winning filmmaker Ang Lee doesn't believe in living with regrets, and says it is important to live in the moment instead of fretting about the past.

Gemini Man Movie review: Critics Review, Rating, Cast & Crew

Gemini Man Movie review is here. Gemini Man is an American action thriller film directed by Ang Lee. The film also stars Elizabeth Winstead and Clive Owen in key roles.

Gemini Man: Will Smith shares an interesting fight scene

For the very first time, we see Will Smith in a rather interesting role where for the first time we see him in a dual role. Meanwhile, Will Smith shares an interesting BTS (Behind the Scenes) from the film.

The second official trailer for Gemini Man gets released

The Will Smith starrer Gemini Man is making all the right buzz. Recently we get a glimpse of the new trailer of Gemini Man movie. Click here to watch the trailer.

Cannes counts its numbers

Sylvester Stallone, AKA Rocky Balboa AKA John Rambo will be in Cannes to announce the forthcoming release of his brand new film RAMBO V : LAST BLOOD.

Elizabeth Winstead to star in action thriller

Actress Mary Elizabeth Winstead has been roped in for actioner KATE. THE HUNTSMAN: WINTER'S WAR director Cedric Nicolas-Troyan is helming the Netflix project.

Will smith in a double role in Gemini Man

It seems that it would be interesting to watch the movie by just seeing the action-packed fighting scenes and one - one battle with Will Smith to Will Smith.

Bollywood box-office report of the week : 22 november 2012

The only major release of this week is going to be Fox 2000 Pictures' Ang Lee directed, LIFE OF PI (English and dubbed). The original English version film is expected to do well at the ticket window.

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