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Anupamaa spoiler alert: Anupamaa warns Vanraj for raising his hand on her

Vanraj Shah is a male chauvinist who wants to teach his wife a lesson even though he is the one at fault.

Anupamaa spoiler alert: Vanraj’s new accusation on Anupamaa

Vanraj is leaving no stone unturned to demean Anupamaa, his appalling behaviour is only making her stronger.

Anupamaa takes charge of her life, decides to take dance classes

Anupamaa as gives an empty tiffin to Vanraj, he gets furious. He is unable to control his anger, and when he returns home

Anupamaa spoiler alert: An empty tiffin, Anupamaa replies to Vanraj’s cheap tricks

Anupamaa is disturbing him from inside, and his male ego is hurting every day

Anupamaa spoiler alert: Will Vanraj tell the truth about his affair to the family?

After mirroring the life of every Indian woman through his show "Anupamaa", Rajan Shahi's show will now focus on Anupamaa's journey on creating her...

Anupamaa needs an answer from Vanraj, wants nothing but the truth

Anupamaa reacts and tells him that she is not a kid that she will listen to all this nonsense by him

Anupamaa spoiler alert: Anupamaa finally speaks, pours her heart to Devika

Anupamaa has been in shock since then and is unable to speak. But she finally woke up with visuals of Vanraj and Kavya

Anupamaa spoiler alert: Anupamaa is uncontrollable, tries to run away from Vanraj

Anupamaa finally gains consciousness, but as soon as she sees Vanraj, the visuals of him cheating on her start flashing in front of her.

Anupamaa spoiler alert: Anupamaa stands stunned, catches Vanraj and Kavya in an intimate situation

Anupamaa, who stood at the door shocked, fainted seeing them in an intimate situation, that's when both Kavya and Vanraj realise that she has caught them red-handed.

Anupamaa spoiler alert: Kavya’s nasty plans for Anupamaa

Vanraj dreams that she has told everyone the truth, but Kavya will not let him get off the hook so easily.

Anupamaa spoiler alert: Kavya will ask Vanraj to choose between her and Anupamaa

The D-Day is finally approaching in Rajan Shahi's "Anupamaa" and with it a lot of drama will be unfolded regarding Vanraj and Kavya's extramarital affair.

Anupamaa spoiler alert: Four prying eyes on Vanraj, what will be his next move?

Anupamaa's friend Devika had warned Vanraj for his behaviour towards Anupamaa, so he is being extra sweet with his wife

Anupamaa spoiler alert: Anupamaa gets the shock of her life, finds Vanraj kissing Kavya

Vanraj hugging Kavya and kissing Kavya and telling her that he loves her. On hearing this, Anupamaa stood still in shock with tears in her eyes.

Anupamaa spoiler alert: Anupamaa or Kavya, whom will Vanraj marry on October 19?

The couple is getting married again on their 25th wedding anniversary on October 19, but as promised to Kavya, Vanraj will tie a mangalsutra on her before Anupamaa.

Anupamaa spoiler alert: Kavya ruins Anupamaa’s mehendi

The wedding sequence is definitely full of twists and turns. So don't forget to watch your favourite show "Anupamaa"

Anupamaa spoiler alert: Will Kavya and Vanraj’s secret come out?

Anupamaa was devastated after Vanraj's rude behaviour. She gets a panic attack and luckily her best friend Devika came to her rescue.

Anupamaa spoiler alert: Vanraj apologises to Anupamaa, asks her to marry him again

Vanraj asks her to forgive him for his behaviour in the past twenty five years and asks her to marry him again on their twenty fifth anniversary.

Anupamaa spoiler alert: After Vanraj’s rude behaviour Anupamaa gets panic attacks

Vanraj blasts at Anupamaa and tells her that she has no right to ask anyone to leave his house.

Tulika Patel, Kamini of ‘Anupamaa’ reveals her hidden side

Actress Tulika Patel recently joined the cast of Rajan Shahi's ANUPAMAA. She is seen as Kamini, who has come for Paritosh's engagement from a...

Will Kavya take Anupamaa’s place in Vanraj’s life?

The recent track of Rajan Shahi’s ‘Anupamaa’ on Star Plus, is keeping the audience on the edge of their seats. Since Anirudh revealed Vanraj...

Anupamaa spoiler alert: How will Anupamaa save Paritosh’s relationship this time

Rajan Shahi's "Anupamaa" became the audience's favourite in no time, and it was not just because of its relatable content. The show in it's...

Anupamaa spoiler alert: Vanraj makes Anupamaa’s heart flutter

Anirudh barged in the Shah abode and revealed everything about Vanraj's relationship with Kavya

Anupamaa spoiler alert: A face off between Anupamaa and Rakhi, what will happen next?

Anupamaa's life has been full of painful twists, she has been struggling to keep everyone happy and has tried her best to bring a smile on their faces

Anupamaa spoiler alert: Anupamaa’s patience wears thin, takes a strong stand as a mother

The life of Anupamaa in Rajan Shahi's popular TV show "Anupamaa" is one hell of a roller coaster ride.

Anupamaa spoiler alert: Are the shortcomings of a child a mother’s fault? How will Anupamaa deal with it

Rajan Shahi through his heartwarming show "Anupamaa" is not just representing the story of a homemaker but is also answering those unanswered questions they face in their day to day life.

Anupamaa spoiler alert: More drama unfolds as Vanraj shares Anupamaa’s pain

Looking at their son leaving the house, both Vanraj and Anupamaa will be taken aback, however, this will also bring them together as parents.

Team Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai and Team Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke celebrate Ganpati Bappa’s arrival

Rajan Shahi Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Anupamaa Aai Kuthe Kay Kartey

Bappa’s arrival and Sudhanshu’s birthday, doubles the celebration on Rajan Shahi’s ‘Anupamaa’ set!

Rajan Shahi's "Anupamaa" became the audience's favourite in no time. This year team "Anupamaa" has welcomed their first Bappa on the set.

Amidst the high-voltage drama, Vanraj stands up for Anupamaa

Anupamaa is getting interesting with every episode. While it started with the heartwarming story of a homemaker who is battling within the four walls of her house, it now focuses on her struggles with the outside world

Rupali Ganguly is elated to perform Hawa Hawai in Anupamaa

Anupamaa has a lot of song and dance sequences which helps the show to go forward from time to time

The pati, patni aur woh angle brings new twist in ‘Anupamaa’

The actor will play Anirudh, who is Madalsa Sharma's on-screen character Kavya's husband. Though the couple does not live together, they are not legally separated.

Are you ready for Anupamaa’s new avatar?

Rajan Shahi’s “Anupamaa” has managed to create a lot of noise because of its relatable content and striking performances.

The rocking onscreen mother-son Jodi of Anupamaa

Rajan Shahi’s newly launched show Anupamaa is witnessing a loving onscreen mother-son jodi played by Rupali Ganguly and Paras Kalnawat respectively.

Anupamaa Vanraj and Kavya’s love triangle!

In today's episode we will see a new side of Anupamaa. Kavya offers Anupamaa a slice of cake and apologizes for this party not being for her birthday.

Five reasons why Rajan Shahi’s ‘Anupamaa’ is a must watch

Rajan Shahi's new show "Anupamaa" will soon see the light of the day. The show was supposed to be launched in March, but got delayed because of the lockdown imposed due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Rajan Shahi’s ‘Anupamaa’, YRKKH, YRHPK to go on-air on July 13!

The "king of relationships" of the small screen Rajan Shahi is back to woo the audience with his tales of love, family and romance.