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'Hanna 2': Predictable but packs a punch

For an eight-episode thriller, 'Hanna 2' could test your patience around the middle of its storyline.

Esme Creed-Miles: As actor it is fun to be someone you don't relate to

The 'Hanna' star Esme Creed-Miles feels it is fun to get into the skin of a character without relating to it on any level, a privilege that actors enjoy

Nicole Kidman to produce adaptation of ‘A Good Marriage’

Hollywood star Nicole Kidman is set to produce a series adaptation of American author Kimberly McCreights novel "A Good Marriage".

David Farr: Hope Shekhar Kapur will make PAANI

British writer-producer David Farr still has faith in Shekhar Kapur and his dream to create PAANI. He says the script for the ambitious project exists, and he hopes to see the Oscar-nominated filmmaker bring its world alive on the screen some day.

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