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Bollywood box-office report of the week : 23 november 2011 Delete

Bollywood box-office report of the week

3D the new format of cinema viewing: RA.ONE to unleash the power of 3D

AVATAR, the iconic film of James Cameroon, which again opened the eyes of the film viewing public across the world to the outreach of 3D, more so in India, is assuming interesting propositions. 3D version had contributed to more than 45% of collection that AVATAR obtained from India. Buoyed by the manner in which Indian audience has lapped up 3D viewing, now Shah Rukh Khan  has decided to shoot his new film RA.ONE in 3D format as well. Akshay Kumaris already doing it for his film JOKER. But the real catalyst for the Indian film makers to turn their focus of attention to 3D films emanated from the stupendous success that HAUNTED had achieved. Made at a cost of Rs.12 crore, it could gross more than 43 crore at the box office underlining the fact that Indian audience was ready to pay for a real time experience.


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