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A QUIET PLACE Movie Review: An undeniable spine chilling cult of modern times

Terrifically eerie & terribly scary, John Krasinski A QUIET PLACE is a cult in the horror/monster genre that guarantees scares to even the haters of this genre.


This one invests a whooping 150 million to produce an on screen manual to the world on how to create a pointless sequel.

THE SQUARE Movie Review: The cult that makes you go bonkers

THE SQUARE is a compulsory watch, Ruben Ostlund movie is certainly for the true connoisseurs of art, remarkably when you watch the movie, the movie is watching you 

TOMB RAIDER Movie Review : Strictly for the video game junkies

When it comes to transporting video games into cinema, Hollywood is still to learn the ‘game’. Continuing the trend of capitalizing on the brand and restricting to the demands of the mass, fan and nerds, TOMB RAIDER as a movie has nothing fresh and novel to offer, it borrows heavily from the 2013 reboot of the video game that starred Angelina Jolie and its predictable plus melodramatic.

THE SHAPE OF WATER Movie Review: A Modern Day Masterpiece

Truly deserving the 13 Oscar nominations, modern day maestro Guillermo del Toro’s THE SHAPE OF WATER is a perfect example that highlights the difference between a student and a master.


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