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Shyam Ramsay Bollywood horror king passes away

The 'Darwaza' of life has finally shut down for Bollywood's horror king Shyam Ramsay.

Arjun Rampal to say Boo!!

Raju Chadha & Rahul Mittra had signed Arjun Rampal for their next supernatural thriller.

Movie Review The Possession of Hannah Grace – Fear is dead

Seriously, with no real sense of dread and unease, THE POSSESSION OF HANNAH GRACE is one of the best ‘demon’ (read weapon) if you want to take a ‘silent’ revenge or make a dark/irritating prank on anyone.

MERCURY Movie Review: Daringly spine chilling

MERCURY starring Prabhu Deva in lead is a spine chillingly daring protest on the woes of industrialization/corporatization/global warming/ pollution told without spoken words but with a bleeding heart.

A QUIET PLACE Movie Review: An undeniable spine chilling cult of modern times

Terrifically eerie & terribly scary, John Krasinski A QUIET PLACE is a cult in the horror/monster genre that guarantees scares to even the haters of this genre.

PARI Movie Review: The cult that got muddled

Anushka Sharma as Rukhsana is a picture of outstanding guts and determination. 'Bloody' hell

Why Anushka Sharma starrer PARI is already a success story?

Atmospheric horror PARI starring Anushka Sharma is already a success story. Find out how.

DRISHYAM fame Jeethu Joseph set to change the game for Emraan Hashmi!

Super news for Emraan Hashmi, the lovers of thrills, and those who are aware of the caliber of the acclaimed award winning Malayalam director Jeethu Joseph. 

Will Anushka’s PARI break the monotony of standard Bollywood horror?

Blame it on Bollywood horror movies, we are so used to with the clichés that we expect either creaking doors, some purani havelis or isolated mansions or bungalows, 20-100-200-or-1000 year old secret, car breaking down

Anushka Sharma in PARI new poster is bloody scary

Anushka Sharma has taken the oath to send chills running down your spine this Holi. 

Rajkummar Rao set to haunt with a horror comedy

Dark satire (NEWTON), pleasing rom-com (BAREILY KI BARFI), historical web series ( BOSE :DEAD/ALIVE) and now a horror comedy, nothing can stop Rajkummar Rao who refuses to get ‘TRAPPED’ in any role or genre.


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