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Rihanna celebrates Joe Biden’s inauguration with a cheeky throwback post

As Joe Biden moved into the White House on Wednesday, Rihanna celebrated the inaugration with her unusual post

Dwayne Johnson sheds ‘manly tears’ over US Election Result

Dwayne Johnson just revealed that he cried after Joe Biden won the US presidential election.

Chrissy Teigen shares cute video of Miles casting his ballot

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend's 2-year-old son is already exercising his constitutional right to vote.

Cardi B smokes 3 at once cigarettes to cope with US Elections anxiety

Cardi B says she was so stressed out that she decided to light up not one, but three cigarettes to cope with her election anxiety.

Justin Timberlake’s surprise Zoom call leaves Joe Biden volunteers screaming with joy

Justin Timberlake is continuing his support for Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden as 2020 US election nears its end. slams Donald Trump supporters, compares them to people in an ‘abusive relationship’ has hit back at Donald Trump just before Election Day and believes his supporters are much like those who stay in abusive relationships

US Elections 2020: Selena Gomez sends out final ‘voting day’ message to her fans

Selena Gomez has issued a final voting day message, urging fans who hadn't cast their vote yet to fill their ballot in person.

Eminem backs Joe Biden with powerful ‘Lose Yourself’ advertisement

Eminem has officially endorsed US presidential candidate Joe Biden allowing his song to feature in new ad

Taylor Swift authorizes use of her music in a political ad

Taylor Swift's song has featured in a new ad for the first time ahead of the upcoming US elections.

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