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Here’s why Amazon Prime Video’s ‘Law’ actress Ragini Prajwal agreed to do the film

One of the primary reasons Ragini Prajwal agreed to the film was that she strongly felt that lawyers are an important pillar of justice in India who mostly go under-recognized in the entertainment industry.

Movie Review | Law: Like a nineties B-grader

Does one necessarily have to be ethical while using the law to obtain justice? The question forms the crux of the Kannada film "Law" too

Find out why Amazon Prime Video’s upcoming film ‘Law’ should be a franchise!

Amazon Prime Video's upcoming film 'Law'! As many law-enforcement-officer-based films already have a franchise like 'Singham' which highlights the courageous traits of a police officer, hopefully, the film 'Law' is the start of a franchise that highlights the bold words of a lawyer!

Ragini Chandran gives intense look in new poster of 'Law'

The makers of the Kannada film "Law" have released a new intriguing poster featuring actress Ragini Chandran.

Kannada film ‘Law’ to get a digital release

Amazon Prime Video announced that the much-awaited Kannada film Law, will now premiere on 17th July.

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