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Movie Review | Nishabdham: Messed-up mystery

What could they have possibly said to Michael Madsen, to lure him into signing this one? Yes, Michael Madsen -- Hollywood maverick of Kill...

What makes R Madhavan feel blessed in the current scenario

As cinema halls gear up for a cautious reopening amid the ongoing pandemic, actor R. Madhavan feels, given the current scenario, releasing a new...

“Having a film released on OTT is a complete blessing” shares R Madhavan ahead of Nishabdham’s release

The lead actor R. Madhavan and director Hemant Madhurkar are enthralled for getting an OTT release for Nishabdham.

Director Hemanth Madhukar reveals what sparks R Madhavan and Anushka Shetty’s onscreen chemistry in Nishabdham

Director Hemanth Madhukar revealed how Anushka and Madhavan reunion in the film is an added bonus for viewers as they immerse themselves in the upcoming thriller.

R Madhavan and Anushka Shetty starrer NISHABDHAM was wrapped up within a span of 56 days

With 5 days to go for the global premiere of highly-anticipated Telugu and Tamil thriller Nishabdham, director Hemant Madhukar revealed that it took only 56 days to shoot the entire film!

R Madhavan and Anushka Shetty’s Nishabdham is the first tri-lingual film releasing on OTT

After releasing the gripping trailer of the R Madhavan and Anushka Shetty-starrer Nishabdham, one can totally say that Telugu suspense thriller is one film to watch out for.

Nishabdham Trailer: Anushka Shetty and R Madhavan starrer tells the tale of a haunted house

Titled Silence in Tamil and Malayalam, the gripping trailer of the multilingual thriller hits the right notes as it piques curiosity and intrigue. Anushka Shetty and R Madhavan starrer tells the tale of a haunted house

Michael Madsen’s debuts in India with ‘Nishabdham’

The Anushka Shetty, R. Madhavan horror thriller Nishabdham has been confirmed for a Gandhi Jayanti release on OTT. A highlight of the film is...

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