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Tag: Olympus Has Fallen

Gerard Butler to return with new ‘Olympus Has Fallen’ franchise sequel

Gerard Butler is returning to the popular 'Has Fallen' franchise with a new sequel.

It was a pleasure working with Gerard Butler: Morgan Freeman

Hollywood legend Morgan Freeman is glad that he finally got a chance to share screen space with actor Gerard Butler in "Angel Has Fallen".

Gerard Butler reveals the plot of the upcoming ANGEL HAS FALLEN

The latest addition to the 'Has Fallen' series is only a couple of months away and Gerard Butler is already inviting fans with the movie's 'new direction'. PVR Pictures together with MVP Entertainment is bringing the action sequel starring Gerard Butler and Morgan Freeman to India.

ANGEL HAS FALLEN trailer released. Check Out

ANGEL HAS FALLEN, action thriller film features Morgan Freeman and Gerard Butler in the main leads. This film is a third addition to the OLYMPUS HAS FALLEN series. 

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