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Gal Gadot on how a female superhero should fight!

Actress Gal Gadot says there were not many cinematic references as to how a female superhero should fight, as usually men are protagonists of...

Hollywood’s number of women directors rose in 2020: Study

Women directors comprise 16 per cent of filmmakers calling the shots on the 100 highest-grossing Hollywood films in 2020, according to a study from...

Gal Gadot: Chris Pine’s a great partner

Hollywood star Gal Gadot enjoyed working with Chris Pine, and says he is a great partner. The actress got a chance to work with Pine...

Gal Gadot’s ‘Wonder Woman 3’ being readied for a theatrical release

'Wonder Woman 3' will conclude the superhero trilogy that started with the 2017 release 'Wonder Woman'. Warner Bros. has fast-tracked production of a third...

Gal Gadot defends her casting as Cleopatra against whitewashing charges

Israeli origin Hollywood star Gal Gadot has responded to criticism over her casting as Cleopatra in a new film on the life of the...

Gal Gadot slams critics after facing backlash over ‘Cleopatra’ casting

Gal Gadot has finally broke her silence over the controversy stirred over her casting as Cleopatra.

Producing ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ “was an amazing opportunity” for Hollywood actress Gal Gadot

Hollywood actress Gal Gadot says working on the Wonder Woman franchise has helped her a lot in her journey as a film producer. Gal...

Pedro Pascal: Era of the eighties has influenced me

Actor Pedro Pascal says he has been influenced by the 1980s, and it is something that continues to stay with him. The actor asserted that...

Kristen Wiig’s workout regime to become super villain Cheetah in ‘Wonder Woman 1984’

Actress Kristen Wiig says she did not want to bulk up for the role of the super villain, the Cheetah, in the upcoming superhero...

Patty Jenkins hopes ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ lets fans discover the hero within

Filmmaker Patty Jenkins says she is hoping to use her upcoming film, Wonder Woman 1984, to add to the conversation on how each of...

Patty Jenkins first woman to direct a 'Star Wars' film

Los Angeles, Dec 11 (IANS) After kickstarting the Wonder Woman franchise, director Patty Jenkins is heading to a galaxy far, far away. The filmmaker...

Hollywood directors Patty Jenkins, Aaron Sorkin against simultaneous film release model

Los Angeles, Dec 10 (IANS) Filmmakers Patty Jenkins and Aaron Sorkin are not entirely in favour of simultaneous release of films in theatres and...

Gal Gadot, Patty Jenkins unite for ‘Cleopatra’ biopic

Actress Gal Gadot is all set to reunite with director Patty Jenkins for a historical drama based on the life of famous Egyptian queen...

Gal Gadot’s casting as ‘Cleopatra’ draws criticism

Gal Gadot is reuniting with her 'Wonder Woman' director Patty Jenkins to play Cleopatra in a new historical biopic.

Gal Gadot injured during ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ shoot

Actress Gal Gadot walked away from the set of the upcoming "Wonder Woman" sequel with a few "spine injuries" after struggling to say no to performing her own stunts for director Patty Jenkins.

Patty Jenkins: WONDER WOMAN 3 will be a contemporary story

Filmmaker Patty Jenkins says she will not set the third installment of WONDER WOMAN in the past.

Rachel Weisz wants superhero role

Actress Rachel Weisz wants to star in a movie like WONDER WOMAN and says the superhero film was her favourite film of 2017.


Rachel Weisz wants superhero role

Actress Rachel Weisz wants to star in a movie like WONDER WOMAN and says the superhero film was her favourite film of 2017.



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